Harry Caray Used To Just Make Shit Up While Calling Away Games

Yesterday on the The Stacks, we republished Myron Cope's great old profile of Harry Caray, written back when he was still calling games for the Cardinals and was known as a bit of a rebel in baseball circles. Even then, he was already considered the best play-by-play man in the game, in no small part because of his… »4/02/15 3:33pm4/02/15 3:33pm

A Day In The Life Of The Most Reckless Ballplayer In History

Yesterday, we republished W.C. Heinz's 1958 profile of Pete Reiser, a ballplayer whose talent could have carried him to the Hall of Fame, but whose penchant for pushing his constantly battered body beyond any reasonable limits undercut his career. At one point in the profile, Heinz details a period in which Reiser… »3/13/15 12:31pm3/13/15 12:31pm

When Yankee Stadium's Bleacher Creatures Were Wild

Ivan Solotaroff spent much of the summer of 1988 hanging out in the bleachers at Yankee Stadium. It was a different time: The Bronx wasn't hospitable to, well, anyone back then. This was before the Disneyfication of Manhattan, before Rudy Giuliani, before Brooklyn became a Mecca of gentrification. You could go to… »8/18/14 12:06pm8/18/14 12:06pm

The Moment A D-I Basketball Coach Stumbled Out Of A Crackhouse

In 1986, Kevin Mackey led the Cleveland State men's basketball team to a stunning upset victory over Bob Knight's Indiana Hoosiers in the NCAA tournament. Four years later, he came wobbling out of a Cleveland crackhouse into the waiting arms of the police. The local news station was also there, capturing the whole… »4/08/14 6:49pm4/08/14 6:49pm

Braised Boneless Short Ribs And A Chat With L'Artusi's Erin Shambura

A few years ago my wife and I were introduced to L'Artusi, an Italian place down on West 10th street in the Village. We rarely have the chance to dine out, but we've been back to L'Artusi a dozen times since that introduction. We feel welcome there—it's a place that makes us happy. The environment is elegant but not… »1/27/14 2:23pm1/27/14 2:23pm

How A Life Photographer Got This Ridiculous Shot Of 14 NFL QBs In 1961

"I had a local high school football team come to the studio every day for that week," photographer Ralph Morse, now 96 years old, tells Ben Cosgrove, "and we practiced all sorts of scenarios until we had one that worked—the guys in front tossing the ball underhand, the guys in back throwing overhand. We also set up a… »11/27/13 9:50am11/27/13 9:50am

"That Moment Before It Starts When You're Scared": Tyson In His Prime

Before he became the main attraction at the freak show, and before he became a kitsch icon, Mike Tyson was the youngest heavyweight champion in history, and a fighter of seemingly limitless promise. There was no way to know it at the time, but when Pete Dexter wrote the story below, he was capturing the champion at… »11/11/13 12:07pm11/11/13 12:07pm

The Moving Finger Writes: Red Smith On Reggie Jackson's Historic Homers

Red Smith is the most respected sports columnist we've ever had. In his prime, Jimmy Cannon, Smith's friendly rival, was certainly as well-known. Cannon, the Voice of New York, was an emotional, colloquial writer whose reputation, unfortunately, has faded. But Smith endures. What is it about his writing that ages so… »6/10/13 12:37pm6/10/13 12:37pm