Bob Brenly Doesn't Understand How The Earth's Rotation Works

If there is one thing baseball announcers love talking about, it's shadows. "Boy I tell ya, these shadows are going to play havoc on the hitters this afternoon!" Given how much the shadows get talked about, you'd think most announcers would have a solid understanding of how the earth's rotation works. This is not… »10/08/12 5:40pm10/08/12 5:40pm

Did TBS Crap Out On You During The Playoffs? Blame The Sun.

Ah, the sun. Giver of life. Grower of crops. Sworn enemy of the MLB Playoffs on TBS. For Cardinals fans watching their team begin a championship defense, and for Nationals fans watching their first playoff game ever, yesterday's broadcast was a frustrating one. On multiple occasions, TBS's feed froze—or went blank… »10/08/12 10:35am10/08/12 10:35am