Everyone On Twitter Was Confused About Why Willis McGahee Didn't Say "The U" In His Player Intro Last Night

During Sunday Night Football, something weird happened. It wasn't that the quarterback with the misbehaving cervical vertebrae threw for 253 yards with two touchdowns and only seven incompletions, and it wasn't that the Steelers still hadn't learned how to cover Demaryius Thomas. Both of those events were unlikely,… »9/10/12 3:25pm9/10/12 3:25pm


The Hidden Victim Of Yahoo Sports' Miami Report: Former Florida Guard Teddy DuPay

Yesterday's Yahoo Sports dressing-down of The U included all the usual NCAA hand-wringing: illegal cars, strippers, and cash. We got a little excited because stripper abortions and bowling Donna Shalala were involved. (Anytime there's an investigation this big, there has to be the littlest bit of something interesting… »8/17/11 3:05pm8/17/11 3:05pm