We're At The End Of Our Rope

It's a sad day here at Deadspin World Headquarters, as the Talking Dennis Miller action figure was found hanged to death early this morning by the cleaning crew. Suicide is suspected, although I blame the cat. His last words were thought to have included a snarky insult of some sort, followed by an arcane reference to… » 11/21/07 1:35pm 11/21/07 1:35pm

Defying The Odds, Our Hero Makes It To Week 2

My Talking Dennis Miller Action Figure arrived in the mail today, and I'm happier than Wink Martindale on the Island of Topless Double-D Spokesmodels. Although on close inspection Talking Dennis more resembles the guy who sold me my term life insurance. So far I haven't been able to find the button that makes him… » 11/14/07 4:30pm 11/14/07 4:30pm

Dennis Is Here! Rejoice!

So is it mere coincidence that Dennis Miller starts his new sports show on Versus on the same day that we open our Sports Human of the Year nominations? (lowers glasses, looks thoughtfully at reader). We weren't born yesterday, babe. Sports Unfiltered with Dennis Miller kicked off on Tuesday, and if there were any of… » 11/07/07 2:20pm 11/07/07 2:20pm