Joe Torre Can't Figure Out What All The Fuss Is About

"That's what I'd like to think that my reputation is — being honest. I don't really think, it certainly wasn't my intention to shock anybody with stuff in this book." [CNN] » 1/31/09 12:50pm 1/31/09 12:50pm

Roger Clemens Will Be Ready To Pitch...Right After His Sadomasochistic…

New excerpts from Torre's "The Yankee Years" (insert Tom Verducci yelling "It's not a memoir!" right here) have surfaced. One anecdote tells us how Roger Clemens achieved that anguished look on his face while he pitched. » 1/29/09 1:40pm 1/29/09 1:40pm

Torre's New Tell-All Book Sounds Delightful

The New York Post managed to obtain an early copy of Joe Torre's soon to be released tell-all. The book, co-written by Tom Verducci, includes some fantastic characterizations of A-Rod. » 1/25/09 2:10pm 1/25/09 2:10pm