Felix Hernandez's Wife Victim Of Wire Fraud; Fellow M's Wife Charged

Maria Peguero, the wife of Mariners outfielder Carlos Peguero, is accused of using Felix Hernandez's wife's debit card to rack up nearly $180,000 in online charges. Peguero allegedly used Sandra Hernandez's card to make over 60 purchases from Sak's Fifth Avenue between June and October 2012. She faces federal… »10/19/13 6:24pm10/19/13 6:24pm

Thief Breaks Into Popeye's, Eats 16 Slices Of Pie, Gets Tired From Eating All The Pie, Takes Nap, Gets Arrested

A enterprising and hungry man recently committed maybe the most agreeable crime in the history of Baltimore, and surely tested the limits of the Baltimore PD's tactical command units in the process, by breaking into a Popeye's, committing a daring robbery, and then... »3/02/13 12:55pm3/02/13 12:55pm

WSU Football Player Arrested After "Shoving Two Bottles Of Tequila Down His Pants" In A Daring Robbery Attempt

Washington State redshirt freshman Drew Loftus had a plan. He was "exhibiting signs of intoxication," so it was one of those plans, but it was still a plan: He would bide his time during the evening. Maybe have a couple extra drinks, to take the edge off. Wait until about 1 a.m—just when they least expect it. Walk… »2/03/13 10:30am2/03/13 10:30am

UGA Recruits Rob UGA Locker Room On UGA Recruiting Visit

We love this story, and you might too depending on your feelings toward SEC football and certain programs. Three people have been arrested in connection with stolen property from the Georgia locker room, and police say the suspects are recruits. That sound you just heard was the exploding heads of the NCAA enforcement… »4/18/11 11:10am4/18/11 11:10am