Manny Ramirez Was A Huge Success As A Player-Coach

The grand Manny Ramirez experiment has come to an end. After three months as player-instructor for the triple-A Iowa Cubs, Ramirez's season ended on Friday with a knee injury. The 42-year-old was rarely healthy and can't really hit anymore, but Ramirez's minor-league stint went a long way toward showing that there's a… » 9/02/14 2:45pm 9/02/14 2:45pm

Theo Epstein Wonders Why The Cardinals Are Getting Extra Draft Picks

Beginning in 2012, MLB's collective bargaining agreement created the Competitive Balance Lottery, meant to give the scrappy underdogs of baseball a hand up with an extra draft pick to help them turn their franchises' fortunes around. The lottery drawing was yesterday. The third pick belongs to the Cardinals, the… » 7/24/14 12:07pm 7/24/14 12:07pm

Yes, Theo Epstein's Accused Stalker Wore A Red Sox Shirt To Her Mental…

The Harvard-educated crazy lady who showed up in Chicago last week on Cubs GM Theo Epstein's doorstep can't sue us for calling her "crazy lady," it turns out. Kathleen Kearney was named a ward of the state of Massachusetts nine years ago because of mental illness, and she was released on bond in Illinois under the… » 7/25/12 11:15am 7/25/12 11:15am

Rick Telander: Cubs President Theo Epstein Might Walk On Water This…

Robot-fearing Chicago Sun-Times sports columnist Rick Telander senses a higher power surrounding these 2012 Chicago Cubs. It's something holy and ethereal, or maybe it's grounded in hard, empirical data. Gosh, maybe we'll let him sort this out. » 4/05/12 9:45am 4/05/12 9:45am

Theo Epstein's Full-Page Ad Thanks Everyone In Boston, Even Larry…

There's an unwritten rule that personnel moves aren't made during the World Series, so as to keep the focus on actual baseball. That rule was waived in Theo Epstein's case, because no one wants the Red Sox or Cubs to be in the news longer than absolutely necessary. So Theo's gone to Chicago (even if Bud Selig has… » 10/24/11 11:45am 10/24/11 11:45am

Arizona's Referee Streaker Faces Up To 18 Months Of Hard Time

Your morning roundup for Oct. 22, the day we realized Jack Daniel's prices are probably going to rise. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors. » 10/22/11 9:30am 10/22/11 9:30am

Pitchers Hooked On Beer, Fried Chicken, And Video Games! Francona On…

It took two weeks, but the Boston Globe has produced the definitive grisly autopsy of the 2011 Boston Red Sox meltdown, and it's lurid, all right. (You'll recall that the team collapsed in epic fashion and missed the playoffs.) The Globe's story is full of drink and drugs and player grousing, but the story's existence… » 10/12/11 2:40am 10/12/11 2:40am

Theo Epstein Reportedly On The Verge Of Leaving Boston To Rescue The…

"Two baseball sources have confirmed that Theo Epstein is on the cusp of leaving his job as general manager of the Red Sox to accept a position with the Chicago Cubs that is believed to include powers greater than he has in Boston, with an announcement expected to be made 'within the next 24 to 48 hours.'" Oops!… » 10/11/11 7:25pm 10/11/11 7:25pm

This Evening: Could Theo Epstein Be Jamming With The Cubs Next Season?

Your p.m. roundup for Oct. 4, the day we saw the worst ad campaign ever. The report on Epstein being granted permission to speak with the Cubs is here. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors. » 10/04/11 7:30pm 10/04/11 7:30pm

Theo Epstein Says The Red Sox's Nosedive Is "A Tremendous Opportunity"

Every morning, the fine folks at Sports Radio Interviews sift through the a.m. drive-time chatter to bring you the best interviews with coaches, players, and personalities across the sports landscape. Today: Boston's GM is not freaking the fahhk out. » 9/13/11 4:40pm 9/13/11 4:40pm

Red Sox Trading For Players They Don't Even Want

The Red Sox, in full panic mode and mistakenly believing they were allowed a 45-man roster, are now collecting baseball players the way most people collect baseball cards: They don't have the space or use for them. » 7/23/09 10:20am 7/23/09 10:20am

Theo Epstein Is A Robot And Will Eventually Enslave Us All

In another chapter in our repeated quest to understand the quixotic planet of Red Sox Nation, we delve down the rabbit hole of the saga of Clay Buchholz. » 9/06/07 4:45pm 9/06/07 4:45pm

An Entirely Different Kind Of Monkey Suit

Sorry, ladies of Boston: Your hopes of bedding the youngest GM in baseball history, the man partly responsible for the Red Sox World Championship and one rockin' guitar hero are over. Red Sox GM Theo Epstein went out and got himself secretly married last month. » 1/31/07 10:30am 1/31/07 10:30am

He's Not Theo's Curly-Haired Boyfriend

Well, the golden boy Theo Epstein has returned to the Boston Red Sox, and as you could probably guess, Red Sox fans are rather excited. (Our favorite take is, typically, Soxaholix's: "Zeus has sent thundah out of a cleah blue sky Odysseus has returned!") » 1/20/06 10:45am 1/20/06 10:45am

Baseball Owners And Their Emoticons

In yet another example of how Red Sox fans are so frighteningly devoted that they can get the people who run their team to do anything, Red Sox owner John Henry showed up on Sons Of Sam Horn yesterday to respond to various fans' questions. Say what you will about the coldness of Red Sox management, but they are… » 11/23/05 9:15am 11/23/05 9:15am

Theo Epstein Is STOKED, Dude!

We admire Theo Epstein as much as anyone — OK, maybe a little less — but secretly we've always kind of suspected that, for all the Yale and sabremetrics and what-not, he's pretty much just a big dumb likable Boston frat guy like pretty much everybody else our age we run into while out in Boston. (Don't hate! Not an… » 11/18/05 11:35am 11/18/05 11:35am

Could Theo Be Returning?

All kinds of rumblings today about Theo Epstein potentially coming back as Red Sox GM, with the Boston Herald reporting that several Boston officials have been trying to talk him back into the job. » 11/09/05 1:15pm 11/09/05 1:15pm

At Least He Wasn't Wearing That Dumb BK King Mask

Some stories, you really just have to let speak for themselves. General manager Theo Epstein evading reporters on the day he resigned by wearing a gorilla costume? That would be one of them. » 11/02/05 12:28pm 11/02/05 12:28pm

The REAL Reason Theo's Gone

That guy right there isn't just Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy, strikingly handsome man; he's also Dan Shaughnessy, Most Hated Man In Boston. As if Shaughnessy hadn't caused Bostonians enough pain throughout the years with his Curse business, he might very well be the man most responsible for the departure of… » 11/01/05 1:02pm 11/01/05 1:02pm