Paul Thomas Anderson: Waiting For The Master

In late July, the Weinstein Company announced it would be releasing The Master, Paul Thomas Anderson's new movie, on September 14, which is early for an Oscar candidate. Most Best Picture nominees come out no sooner than October so that they're as fresh as possible in voters' minds. Nonetheless, the Weinstein decision… » 9/07/12 4:33pm 9/07/12 4:33pm

The Grierson & Leitch July 4 Extravaganza: Movies That Made Us Love…

Today and yesterday, Grierson & Leitch honors America by spotlighting films that exemplify the best our country has to offer—and the worst. Yesterday: Movies that made us feel worse about America. Today: Movies that made us love this goddamned country. » 7/03/12 5:00pm 7/03/12 5:00pm

Man U Player Suffers "Horrific Injury That Cut To The Bone"

It wasn't quite Lawrence Taylor meets Joe Theismann's leg, but Manchester United's Nani suffered a pretty gnarly leg injury during today's 3-1 loss to Liverpool. » 3/06/11 3:15pm 3/06/11 3:15pm

Now It's Time To Let Your Star Shine

So the new commenting system is live. Please hop to the bottom section and test it out. I'm sure there will be kinks, complaints, confusion and minor chaos. Feel free to contact bugs with the real boners. » 7/09/09 12:15pm 7/09/09 12:15pm

Bobby Knight Drinks Your Milkshake! He Drinks It Up!

So Bobby Knight is talking about his decision to resign at Texas Tech, telling the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal that he wanted to give his son, Pat, a running start as head coach. Whether that's true or not, we're left to grapple with the aftermath. And in a weird way, it helps that the film There Will be Blood is still… » 2/05/08 4:00pm 2/05/08 4:00pm