Celebrating A Spectacularly Inept Series In College Football History

Georgia defeated Tennessee in a wacky game on Saturday. The highlight was a fourth-quarter Georgia series in which the Bulldogs reached Tennessee's 23-yard line and were promptly penalized four times for 45 yards: Holding, holding, holding, personal foul. In between, the Bulldogs managed to run the ball and lose a… »10/12/11 3:00pm10/12/11 3:00pm

This Is A Story About An Ohio High-School Football Game Resulting In Stigmata

"In one of the most disturbing acts by an individual high school athlete in recent times, an Ohio football player placed a sharp object — believed to be a tack — in his glove before walking through a postgame handshake line, pricking the hands of 27 opponents as he walked through and "congratulated" them on a game… »10/06/11 10:30pm10/06/11 10:30pm