Let's Cast The ESPN Movie!

Yesterday, James Andrew Miller, one of the co-authors of the ESPN oral history Those Guys Have All The Fun, announced on Twitter that a movie of the book is currently in the works, and that he's writing the script. We're hoping the script features some suit telling Keith Olbermann to turn in his badge and gun if… » 2/17/15 4:07pm 2/17/15 4:07pm

ESPN Never Had A Golden Age: The Real Meaning Of Olbermann's Return

So Keith Olbermann is returning to ESPN, which a) has to be one of the more expensive press releases in history and b) shows that the company really has come to that age where you start getting deeply sentimental. It all makes sense. » 7/17/13 11:54am 7/17/13 11:54am

The Deadspin Guide To The New ESPN Book

The new ESPN oral history, Those Guys Have all the Fun, is now available in stores. We've been having some fun with the book in recent days. Mixed in with our usual sober analysis of satellite transponder rights and ESPN's dual-revenue-stream model, we've also brought you many tales of ESPN people screwing other ESPN… » 5/24/11 7:30pm 5/24/11 7:30pm

All The Unkind Things Bill Simmons Said About His Colleagues In The…

One of the most interesting characters to emerge from the ESPN book is the formerly inscrutable Bill Simmons, if only because we've never heard him be so (openly) self-aware before. He again whips out the big swinging dick in some more excerpts. » 5/24/11 6:20pm 5/24/11 6:20pm

This Quote Is Why Chris Berman Remains A Vile Piece Of Shit

I haven't been able to peruse the new ESPN book yet, as Daulerio and the others have, but I was struck dumb by a quote from the book that was excerpted by Richard Deitsch over at SI.com. This is what Berman said in regard to the NFL forcing the network to cancel its Playmakers series: » 5/24/11 4:46pm 5/24/11 4:46pm

ESPN And Publisher Alike: None Of These Guys Are Having Any Fun

Not two days since the embargo was lifted, the giant dragon fart of a book known as Those Guys Have All the Fun has left both publisher and subject alike strategizing about a new defense. Yes, ESPN officially threw together a semi-emergency town hall meeting ("tent"!!!!) earlier this afternoon for select talent and… » 5/19/11 8:45pm 5/19/11 8:45pm

The Decision About LeBron's Decision Was An Orgy Of Self-Interest, With…

There's a brief section about The Decision in Those Guys Have All the Fun, and if the details aren't exactly fresh, the takeaway is somewhat new: Everyone involved was using everyone else for their own ends to produce what amounted to a massive orgy that they all came to regret the next day. And LeBron was just the… » 5/19/11 5:47pm 5/19/11 5:47pm

We Will Always Remember Dick Ebersol For That Thing He Said In The ESPN…

Dick Ebersol is leaving NBC Sports, as you may know. Let's not think about the bad times, though. Let's think about the fun we had. Like yesterday, when we came across this quote in the excellent ESPN book that we're currently dry-humping up and down the site: » 5/19/11 12:55pm 5/19/11 12:55pm

Chris Berman On You're With Me, Leather: "Mr. Kornheiser Chose To Run…

While the long-standing Kornheiser-Berman beef doesn't have the same initial draw of, say, Beadle-Andrews, its appearance in Those Guys Have All The Fun does lead us to the alleged root of everyone's favorite alleged pick-up line: You're with me, Leather. » 5/18/11 6:20pm 5/18/11 6:20pm

ESPN Book Will Make Things Even More Uncomfortable Between Michelle…

Michelle Beadle freely admits that she's not a fan of Erin Andrews. "Everyone who knows me knows that," she tells me. It hasn't affected any of the hierarchy at ESPN at this point, but Beadle's admission in the new ESPN oral history that she watched Erin's peephole vid could put the WWL in the precarious position of… » 5/18/11 3:17pm 5/18/11 3:17pm

Let The ESPN Freakout Begin

Back in August, we wrote that the forthcoming ESPN book, Those Guys Have All The Fun, will make many ESPN employees crap their pants. Well, here comes the onslaught: The book's publisher has lifted the embargo on releasing details from the book. You'll certainly hear more about the "rowdiest frathouse in sports TV" in… » 5/18/11 1:32pm 5/18/11 1:32pm

New Bits From ESPN Book: "A Lot Of Drugs," "Quite A Bit Of Screwing"

Entertainment Weekly has some new snippets from Miller and Shales' forthcoming ESPN book, Those Guys Have All The Fun. Publisher Little, Brown lifted its embargo on writing about the book earlier today. » 5/17/11 11:00pm 5/17/11 11:00pm

A Day At The Rug Races: A Filthy, Hooker-Filled Excerpt That Was Cut…

Next week, excerpts from the long-awaited ESPN oral history Those Guys Have All The Fun will start trickling out, including one next week when the June issue of GQ drops. There are a lot of very nervous people in Bristol right now, and if the following passage is any indication of the book's contents, they have good… » 5/10/11 12:45pm 5/10/11 12:45pm