Viral Miscarriage Vlogger Sam Rader Kicked Out of Conference After Threatening Violence

According to reports from other vloggers who attended the conference, the viral Christian vlogger Sam Rader was ejected from the Vlogger Fair conference in Seattle yesterday for “threatening violence” against one or more people. This incident allegedly occurred just one day after Sam admitted to using a paid account »8/23/15 2:24pm8/23/15 2:24pm

Hockey Dad Who Heckled Child, Made Threats While Holding Infant Reportedly Also Cheered When Kid Got Hurt

Father of the Year candidate Jason Boyd, whose caught-on-video outburst at a youth hockey game in Winnipeg we told you about yesterday, didn't just stop at calling a player "a midget" before threatening the boy's father, all while also holding a child in his arms. Nope. Boyd's behavior allegedly got even worse. He's… »2/15/13 12:15pm2/15/13 12:15pm

Hockey Dad Heckles Children, Makes Violent Threats While Holding His Infant Child

The worst thing about little league sports will always be what it does to the players' parents. There is just something about children playing sports that draws out the darkest parts of the adult soul. Case in point: the madman in the video above who shouts, "He's a midget!" at a child who is trying to play hockey,… »2/14/13 6:00pm2/14/13 6:00pm

Five New Jersey Mayors Are Threatening To Withhold Police And Emergency Services From Next Year's Super Bowl

Many a lame observation has been made about the likelihood that next year's Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium will be ruined by bad weather like the stuff we've got now. It's silly. Rare is the storm that dumps a foot of snow on the New York metropolitan area, and rarer still is the football fan that would be turned off… »2/09/13 5:00pm2/09/13 5:00pm

Sepp Blatter Says FIFA Will "Be Sucked Into A Black Hole" If Sepp Blatter Is Not Reelected FIFA President

Sepp Blatter, the international dictator disguised as FIFA president, wrote a letter to Italy's La Gazzetta dello Sport this week to warn the world that a failure to reelect him to a fourth term on the June 1 vote "could cause a tectonic movement with irreversible damage." Let's defer to him to set the stage for the… »5/13/11 5:45pm5/13/11 5:45pm

And At Week's End, The First Chapter In The Caitlin Davis Penis-Drawing Kerfluffle Comes To A Close

The story of young Ms. Caitlin Davis is a sad one, as the once wholesome New England Patriots' cheerleader went from budding pom-pom sweetheart of Foxboro to loathsome alleged Anti-Semite »11/07/08 3:45pm11/07/08 3:45pm, both nationally and internationally, in a short period of time. (So sayeth the : "Caitlin nei fotogrammi tiene in mano un…