In Praise Of Stupid Laughs. The Three Stooges, Reviewed.

1. An old joke: "Why do women not like The Three Stooges? Because they're not funny." The appeal of The Three Stooges has always been inherently male, predominantly young male, specifically adolescent, glue-sniffing boy. Now, that's not to say that 10-year-olds the world over are obsessed with The Three Stooges;… » 4/13/12 2:15pm 4/13/12 2:15pm

Actually, It Kind Of Reminds One Of The NFC West

Because college football season is almost here, and because I can already picture Joe Paterno leading a player around by the nose with a pair of pliers, I give you this ... one more reason to love Philadelphia. I mean, besides the Rocky statue, and the fact that Eagles fans travel all the way to Texas to boo the… » 8/13/07 3:10pm 8/13/07 3:10pm