Statistically, When Is The Best Time To Buy Super Bowl Tickets?

Just a few days ago, you'd have had a better chance of finding a reasonably priced one-bedroom in Manhattan than you would've of scoring Super Bowl tickets for less than a mortgage payment or ten. For those who were able to hold off a few days, though, the savings are likely in the thousands. »1/27/14 5:12pm1/27/14 5:12pm

Which NBA Teams Are The Best And Worst Road Draws?

Want to know when to score the cheapest resale tickets for your home team? Chances are, it's when the Bobcats, Magic, or Suns are in town. An analysis of ticket prices (as of Dec. 16) on Vivid Seats reveals that Charlotte is the worst road draw in the NBA—on average, a visit from the Bobcats results in a 36 percent… »1/15/14 4:16pm1/15/14 4:16pm