How To Buy A Tie And Wear It Well

The tie gets a bad rep. It’s associated with board rooms and formality and the type of office job that requires navigating a dull grey labyrinth of cubicles. There’s a reason that the phrase “loosening one’s tie” exists, and why it’s shorthand for relaxing and having a good time. Ties are symbolic of all that is… »9/22/15 12:21pm9/22/15 12:21pm


At Least Two Players Had No Idea Rams-49ers Could End In A Tie

A tie! Nothing brings more joy to fans of novelty, more consternation to playoff-scenario-figure-outers, or more mercy to viewers than a tie. The first in the NFL since 2008, the second in a decade, the 24-24 final score of yesterday's St. Louis-San Francisco game was perplexing to both teams—should you be happy you… »11/12/12 4:25pm11/12/12 4:25pm

Vikings Rookie Placekicker Forces Tie, Breaks Tie, Receives Tie

Week one of the NFL season was full of strong debuts. But the best rookie quote came, to no one's surprise, from the Vikings kicking unit. Blair Walsh nailed the first four field goal attempts of his career on Sunday, all of them coming after the third quarter. His third was a 55-yarder as time expired, sending the… »9/11/12 1:10pm9/11/12 1:10pm

Finally; Rosie Perez Arrives To Explain This NFL Tie Business

The more I hear about it, the more convinced I am that this Eagles-Bengals tie quote is going to be Donovan McNabb's legacy; like Chris Webber's time out with none remaining, or the ground ball through Buckner's wickets. I'm not saying that's fair, it's just the way it's gonna be. Because when videos like this pop up… »11/17/08 4:15pm11/17/08 4:15pm