Cowboys Coach Douses Tight Ends With Ice Water During Drills

Football coaches are incredible weirdos. On this we can all agree. Cowboys tight ends coach, Mike Pope might be the weirdest of the weird. » 7/31/14 12:07am 7/31/14 12:07am

Is Jimmy Graham A Tight End? It'll Cost Him $5.3 Million.

The Saints slapped a franchise tag on Jimmy Graham, allowing them to keep him for one season without negotiating a new deal. But Graham has been designated a tight end; he believes he's a receiver. This is not an academic point: there is more than $5 million at stake. » 3/04/14 10:42am 3/04/14 10:42am

The Eagles Now Have A Package With Four Tight Ends

The NFL underwent a two-TE trend for the last few seasons with duos like Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski for the Patriots, and Dennis Pitta and Ed Dickson for the Ravens. Now, Chip Kelly is upping the ante with the Eagles, using a package involving four tight ends. » 8/17/13 11:57am 8/17/13 11:57am

Stanford TE Has Tiny T-Rex Arms; May Affect Draft Stock

As the NFL conquers the world, the draft combine has grown into a monster of its own. By one veteran's reckoning, an event that drew 50 reporters in 2003 now hands out 800 media credentials. (And yet, still, not a single important story will emerge. This is one of the unimportant ones.) » 2/21/13 1:30pm 2/21/13 1:30pm

The Perils And Pleasures Of Life As A 220-Pound Tight End

We're doing a season-long NFL roundtable with our friends at Slate. Check back here each week as a rotating cast of football watchers discusses the weekend's key plays, coaching decisions, and traumatic brain injuries. » 11/16/11 4:00pm 11/16/11 4:00pm