Damn, Man, Tim Howard Is Having One Sad-Ass Season

It's been less than a year since Tim Howard became America's World Cup hero, staring down an unrelenting Belgian attack and turning away 16 goddamn shots with the grim resolve of an action hero who's low on ammo. In fact, go ahead and watch each one of those beautiful, thrilling saves one more time. Then, if you're a… »2/25/15 1:39pm2/25/15 1:39pm

Tim Howard Retracts Book Claim That Brad Friedel Tried To Sabotage Him

Tim Howard has announced that he will alter future editions of his just-published book, in response to Brad Friedel's complaint that the book unfairly and inaccurately claims that Friedel attempted to block Howard's move to the Premier League. This decade-old goalkeeper feud still burns brightly, apparently. »12/17/14 8:54am12/17/14 8:54am

Yes, Tim Howard Really Was As Great As He Seemed Yesterday

As close as the USMNT came to dragging Belgium to penalties during its second half of extra time fury, we have to remember that our team had no business being in that position. With the quality of chances Belgium created throughout the match's 120 minutes, they should've scored early and often. They did not, only… »7/02/14 4:11pm7/02/14 4:11pm

Belgium's Shot Map From Yesterday's Game Is Bananas

This, from Squawka, was produced by the goddamn Belgian firing squad that Tim Howard stood in front of for 120 minutes during yesterday's soul-crusher. The man saw 39 shots—the fourth-most ever fired in a World Cup game since they started counting in 1966—and he turned away 16 of them. Nobody has stopped that many… »7/02/14 12:52pm7/02/14 12:52pm

Tim Howard Makes His Claim As America's Leading Man

For the sake of narrative, every country needs a leading character. Some are obvious, like Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo or Uruguay's Luis Suárez, while others burst onto the scene like Colombia's James Rodríguez. In the case of the U.S., that character has been there all along—even if he was temporarily taken a bit… »7/01/14 11:18am7/01/14 11:18am

Tim Howard Gets Red Card To End Everton's 2013 Unbeaten Home Record

Everton only needed to win or draw each of their last two matches at Goodison Park this year to go all of 2013 unbeaten at home. Their match against Southampton on Sunday was always going to be difficult to navigate, but today the Blues, in fourth place, hosted last-place Sunderland in what was expected to be a gimme.… »12/26/13 2:07pm12/26/13 2:07pm

Eddie Gaven, The Oddest Goalkeeper In MLS History, Retires

Eddie Gaven retired today, and the math doesn't seem right. He's only 27 years old, but already an 11-year veteran of MLS. That's what happens when you get drafted at age 16, as Gaven was by the MetroStars in 2003. The wunderkind never quite lived up to the hype, but he proved to be a versatile, workmanlike presence… »10/31/13 5:57pm10/31/13 5:57pm

Tim Howard's Broken Back Has Huge World Cup And Premier League Implications

Eleven days ago, Everton FC and US Men's National Team goalkeeper Tim Howard fractured two bones in his back in an FA Cup win against Oldham Athletic. He's expected to be out for about a month. Though the bones aren't weight-bearing and the injury could've been much more serious, it probably couldn't have come at a… »3/09/13 5:15pm3/09/13 5:15pm

Radio Broadcaster Who Looks Freakishly Like Tim Howard Bumps Into Tim Howard

According to Greg Matzek, Milwaukee-area radio personality on 620-WTMJ (an appropriate call sign, given most talk radio folks' penchant for gratuitous gab), he's been told hundreds of times that he looks like Tim Howard. He says he was confused for Tim Howard on the red carpet at the 2007 ESPYs—we believe it. »7/19/11 10:30pm7/19/11 10:30pm