We Might Actually Get A Barry Zito Versus Tim Hudson Matchup

After rosters expanded on September 1st and the Oakland A’s didn’t bring up Barry Zito—who has been toiling away in Triple-A Nashville all year—it was reported that he wasn’t going to come up this season. But after starting pitcher Jesse Chavez fractured a rib the team reversed course, once again proving that God… »9/17/15 1:34am9/17/15 1:34am

Tim Hudson Once Filled Adam LaRoche's Glove With Human Shit

Last Friday, Nationals first baseman Adam LaRoche went on MLB Network's Intentional Talk to rap about huntin' and prankin' with Chris Rose and Kevin Millar. The entire interview is below, but you should skip ahead to the 3:10-mark to hear LaRoche talk about the time he started a prank war that began with him cutting… »6/05/13 2:22pm6/05/13 2:22pm