Not Content Merely To Win, The Bruins Are Traumatizing Franchises

The Boston Bruins will welcome the winner of the Chicago-L.A. series to the Stanley Cup Final because of their utter dismantling of the Pittsburgh Penguins. In that series, the Bruins were able to stonewall a Pittsburgh team that won 75 percent of its regular season games and led the league in scoring by a healthy… »6/08/13 9:06pm6/08/13 9:06pm

Two Golfers, A Kicker, A Lemonade-Lovin' Linebacker, And One Crazy Goalie: The Few Athletes Who Endorsed Chick-Fil-A

A rule of thumb: if you'd like to learn about the next culture-war shitstorm before it hits, you're best served by visiting sort-of Bruins goalie Tim Thomas's Facebook page. (I say "sort-of" because Thomas has announced he'll take next year off from the NHL.) Thomas weighed in on Obamacare and birth control before it… »8/03/12 3:45pm8/03/12 3:45pm

Readers Sound Off: You'll Never Be Half The Man Joe Paterno Was, Señor Dickcheese

Welcome to Dead Letters, a new regular feature in which we'll reprint our favorite fan mail from throughout the week. It's like Deleted Scenes, but without all the scuzz money. We should take this moment to remind you that all emails to Deadspin and its editors are on the record unless otherwise specified. Now for… »2/10/12 1:37pm2/10/12 1:37pm

Tim Thomas Announces On Facebook That He "Stands With The Catholics In The Fight For Religious Freedom"

OK, so last time Bruins goalie Tim Thomas spoke up on Facebook he received plenty of scorn. (He justified skipping a White House visit by describing, on Facebook, his vague but spirited objection to things the federal government had done.) Will Tim Thomas back down? No, Tim Thomas will never back down! Tim Thomas … »2/08/12 2:00pm2/08/12 2:00pm

New Hampshire Salutes World Champion Bruins In Most New Hampshire Way Possible: With A Corn Maze

This is a 12-acre corn maze at Sherman Farm in idyllic Conway, N.H., where the farmers live free or die and also have too much time on their hands. Their work has gotten some press, and the folks at Sherman Farm are rather astounded by the reaction. After Puck Daddy picked up the story earlier today, the farm's social… »8/25/11 1:45pm8/25/11 1:45pm