Roger Goodell Was A Narc In High School, And He's Proud Of It

Whoa hey, loogit who's gracing the cover of this week's Time magazine: your friend and Peter King's, Roger Goodell. Sean Gregory has a lengthy profile of the NFL commissioner in this week's issue, and it contains the usual bits of hagiography (he keeps in shape! his daddy didn't like Vietnam, and that kind of… »12/06/12 12:50pm12/06/12 12:50pm

In Honor Of His 70th Birthday, Here's Muhammad Ali Riding A Horse

Photographer and filmmaker Anton Perich snapped this photo in Deer Lake, Pa., in 1974. He likened it to an image of St. George slaying dragons he had seen as a youth in his native Croatia: "It was a majestic moment, when reality meets mythology." The above image is one of 70 photos and tributes Time magazine has… »1/17/12 12:05pm1/17/12 12:05pm

Prestigious Sportswriter Makes Prestigious Publication For His Kim Kardashian Tweet

I think we'll all remember today as the day the internet made the same three jokes 80,000 times. (As I write this, #ThingsLongerThanKimsMarriage and #kimkmarriagewasshorter are dueling for the top spot on Twitter's trending topics.) But it takes a certain kind of man to toss out the obvious obvious and craft a tweet… »10/31/11 7:30pm10/31/11 7:30pm