A.J. "Fuckin' Shit" Clemente Gets Pep Talk From News Legend Tom Brokaw

A.J. Clemente, whose first day at the anchor desk of Bismarck NBC affiliate KFYR became his last after being fired for opening the show with "Fuckin' Shit," made the rounds at NBC this morning and even earned a pep talk from one one of the biggest figures in broadcast news: Tom Brokaw. » 4/24/13 11:11am 4/24/13 11:11am

Ann Curry Was Never Going To Carry The Ball Over The Finish Line On The

So thanks to the Internet I'm looking at the L.A. Times and their "Company Town" thing, all about the Business of Show, because like the Tribune paper in Baltimore, my town, in the IN THE NEWS or HOT TOPICS bar, if you will, across the top of the Web page I saw ANN CURRY, and my first reaction was Anger because… » 6/29/12 8:05pm 6/29/12 8:05pm