Todd Frazier Homered At The Request Of A Batboy With Down Syndrome

Heartwarming news has certainly been in short supply this week, but a baseball game in Cincinnati last night provided us with some—and in a way that only adds to the growing legend of Reds third baseman Todd Frazier. » 4/19/13 1:41pm 4/19/13 1:41pm

Todd Frazier Can Do Anything Better Than Anyone

OK, this is getting ridiculous. After telling you all about Reds third baseman Todd Frazier's Herculean accomplishments on and off the field, and uncovering his status as the prodigal son of Toms River, N.J., we were pretty certain that the man couldn't get any more like like Bill Brasky. We were wrong. » 6/04/12 12:40pm 6/04/12 12:40pm

Reds Third Baseman/Superhero Todd Frazier Has Been Crafting His Legend …

You already know about Todd Frazier's mythical ability to hit home runs without the use of his hands, as well as his unmatched heroism in the face of murderous chunks of steak, but did you know that Todd Frazier has been making a legend of himself since he was a child? » 6/01/12 3:40pm 6/01/12 3:40pm

Reds Third Baseman Todd Frazier Is Quickly Becoming A Folk Hero

You may remember reading about the Reds' Todd Frazier last week, when he hit a Jamie Moyer "fastball" out of the park by essentially throwing his bat at the pitch. It was a pretty incredible feat, one which ensured that the 26-year-old rookie will at least be as memorable as that bird that Randy Johnson destroyed when… » 5/30/12 1:00pm 5/30/12 1:00pm