Todd Gurley's Tumultuous Season Is Over After Tearing His ACL

Georgia running back and former Heisman favorite Todd Gurley tore his ACL last night on a six-yard run. When he was injured, the Bulldogs were up 27-7 on Auburn with about five minutes left to play. It was his first game back from a four-game suspension for signing memorabilia in exchange for around $3,000. » 11/16/14 3:55pm 11/16/14 3:55pm

NCAA Punishes Todd Gurley, Still Thinks It's An Actual Court Of Law

Georgia star running back Todd Gurley was suspended by his school earlier this month after a bitter memorabilia dealer snitched on Gurley because he wasn't making enough money off the player's autographs. It was some extremely dumb shit. Now, the NCAA has swooped in and hit Gurley with its own set of punishments, and… » 10/29/14 10:14am 10/29/14 10:14am

The Todd Gurley Snitch Was A Spiteful Memorabilia Dealer

Georgia on Thursday suspended superstar tailback Todd Gurley indefinitely, pending, in its own words, "an ongoing investigation into an alleged violation of NCAA rules." By multiple accounts, Gurley is alleged to have received money from at least one memorabilia dealer for signing autographs. A series of emails… » 10/10/14 1:17pm 10/10/14 1:17pm

Georgia's Todd Gurley Suspended Indefinitely, Probably For Dumb Shit

The Georgia Bulldogs announced the indefinite suspension of running back Todd Gurley today. Details are scarce, other than that it was for a violation of NCAA rules. Bruce Feldman's reporting that Gurley might have been suspended for "possibly accepting extra benefits for his likeness." » 10/09/14 5:54pm 10/09/14 5:54pm

Todd Gurley Styles All Over The Tennessee Defense

Tennessee did a respectable job of hanging with Georgia today, before succumbing in a 35-32 defeat. Bulldogs running back Todd Gurley, however, could hardly be contained. In addition to one flying-over-the-line touchdown, Gurley added this masterpiece to his Heisman candidacy, breaking multiple tackles in the… » 9/27/14 4:35pm 9/27/14 4:35pm

Here's The Play That Knocked Todd Gurley Out Of Georgia-LSU

Georgia running back Todd Gurley has not returned since having his ankle rolled early in the second quarter. Prior to the start of the second half, coach Mark Richt told CBS that he "sprained his ankle. I'm not sure how bad it is. We'll just have to see." » 9/28/13 6:49pm 9/28/13 6:49pm