LeBron James Turned The Atlanta Hawks Into The Cleveland Cavaliers For…

Your morning roundup for March 19, the day after it became wise to snatch a few domain names ending in ".xxx". » 3/19/11 9:15am 3/19/11 9:15am

On The DL: That Drunk, Impregnating Farnsworth

It's time for installment No. 2 of our three-part series revealing the athletes behind some of On The DL's blind-items. Last week, we found out that the ladies say Cubs second baseman Todd Walker loves to flash his wedding ring at strip clubs. Today's blind item: I'm Ok, I sWaRe...: » 9/19/05 12:45pm 9/19/05 12:45pm

On The DL: Athletes Unmasked!

So we've been talking for the last couple of days to the people at On The DL, the blind item sports gossip site that claims to have inside info on the cheating ways of countless Major League Baseball players. We initially had some doubts about their verisimilitude, and even though we still advise you to take their… » 9/16/05 12:53pm 9/16/05 12:53pm