Designated Shitters: Help Deadspin Plumb The Secrets Of MLB Restrooms

From Fenway to Camden Yards to Marlins Park, baseball is defined by the built environment. We've already surveyed the big picture. Now it's time to explore the depths. We're looking for photos and stories to build an online guide to the restrooms of Major League Baseball—the Yelp of plop, you might say—starting with… » 4/04/12 12:22pm 4/04/12 12:22pm

Toilet Use In NYC Jumped 13 Percent In The Immediate Aftermath Of The…

It wasn't enough to overwhelm the sewage system, but according to the city's Department of Environmental Protection, the surge caused the water level at a nearby reservoir to drop by two inches. Which means a lot of fans were holding much more than just their breath. » 2/09/12 5:30pm 2/09/12 5:30pm