Brazilian Soccer Fan Killed By Toilet Thrown Out Of Stadium By Rioters

According to police, a 26-year-old Brazilian man was killed when rioters ripped out three toilets from Arruda Stadium and threw them into a crowd of people during a match between Santa Cruz and Parana Friday night. One of the toilets struck the man and killed him instantly. Be warned, you can see one toilet in the… »5/04/14 1:25am5/04/14 1:25am

Designated Shitters: Help Deadspin Plumb The Secrets Of MLB Restrooms

From Fenway to Camden Yards to Marlins Park, baseball is defined by the built environment. We've already surveyed the big picture. Now it's time to explore the depths. We're looking for photos and stories to build an online guide to the restrooms of Major League Baseball—the Yelp of plop, you might say—starting with… »4/04/12 12:22pm4/04/12 12:22pm