Master Troll Painter Sneaks Tom Brady Into Poster Of New York Heroes

So yesterday, an old editor emailed me with the above photo and funny story. The MTA, New York City's subway and bus system, is selling a new poster for Brooklyn's Grand Army Plaza, a location that serves both as a subway station and the entrance to New York's iconic Prospect Park. The MTA commissioned an artist, Rich… » 7/26/14 1:15pm 7/26/14 1:15pm

Colorado Viewers Miss Six Minutes Of AFC Title Game, Learn About Santa

Somehow this flew under the radar all week, but it turns out Broncos fans in Colorado Springs missed much of the first quarter during Sunday's AFC Championship game due to technical difficulties on KKTV—during which Tom Brady was frozen on their screens for nearly six minutes. Even stranger, the CBS affiliate's… » 1/24/14 1:45pm 1/24/14 1:45pm

Patriots Asked About Smoking Weed While In Denver

The Patriots are on the road this week in Denver to play the Broncos in the AFC Championship game, so let's talk about drugs. Denver is in Colorado, where (like Washington, host to the NFC Championship) the recreational use of marijuana is legal. On Friday, multiple Patriots, including Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and… » 1/18/14 3:40pm 1/18/14 3:40pm

PSA: Please Don't Leave Tom Brady Hanging

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady doesn't always have his high-fives reciprocated, and it's become an enjoyable trend. This public plea addresses that problem and urges someone—anyone—to slap hands with Brady, but honestly, seeing him looking like a doofus with his hand in the air is just too good. (Setting it to Sarah… » 1/16/14 7:45pm 1/16/14 7:45pm

The Best Way To Have Tom Brady And Ed O'Neill Sign The Same Football

One might think that it's weird to have Tom Brady and Ed O'Neill autograph the same football, because it kind of is. But if you're going to try and pull off such a feat—hey, maybe you need a gift for your dear friend who loves the Patriots and middle-brow ABC comedies—do what reader Tom did: » 1/09/14 2:58pm 1/09/14 2:58pm

Tom Brady Blames Loss On "Shitty Plays" During Live Presser

After losing to the Dolphins, Tom Brady was a bit grumpy, talking about how the Patriots made some good plays, but also "plenty of shitty plays." WBZ was televising the postgame live, and apparently didn't expect Tom Brady to say "shitty" on TV. We appreciate the effort of the incredibly delayed cutaway, though. » 12/15/13 4:50pm 12/15/13 4:50pm