Tom Brady Settlement Talks Are Going Poorly

It’s Tom Brady Day again in a Manhattan federal courthouse, and you should expect nothing. Don’t expect a settlement; talks between the NFL and Brady broke down yesterday. Don’t expect Brady himself; though the Patriots quarterback was in court last week, and took part in the mediation hearing before a magistrate… » 8/19/15 9:28am 8/19/15 9:28am

Tom Brady Looks Like He's Melting In His Courtroom Sketch

Judge Richard Berman held a hearing in New York Federal Court today for Tom Brady’s civil case against Roger Goodell and the NFL, and Berman did his best to move the process along as both sides’ legal teams took shots at each other, but the best part of the whole event was the courtroom sketch of Brady, in which he… » 8/12/15 2:14pm 8/12/15 2:14pm

The NFL Would Like To Have A Little Talk With You About Sex

Does the NFL give its players sex advice? Of course it does! This is a league that tells its players how to tuck in their uniforms, has an approximately 600-word definition of what a catch is, and has its employees sign an “integrity of the game” honor code. So why not give its players The Talk? » 8/05/15 5:39pm 8/05/15 5:39pm

The NFL's Dumbass Deflategate Science Report Is A Feature, Not A Bug

Last night, a mountain of documents and transcription emerged from Tom Brady’s late June appeal hearing before Roger Goodell. It’s been a circus, with a series of insults, emails, and sneaker requests to Tom Ford pouring out of the file cabinet, but the testimony most relevant to the case circles back to whether or… » 8/05/15 5:03pm 8/05/15 5:03pm

5 Thoughts On Tom Brady's Case From A Guy Who Read The Whole Damn Thing

As part of the legal battle over the four-game suspension Tom Brady received for his role in the deflation of footballs during the AFC Championship game, the NFLPA filed a number of documents in court Tuesday, including the full transcript from Brady’s June 23 appeal hearing. If you’re a masochist you can read the… » 8/05/15 1:30pm 8/05/15 1:30pm

The NFL's Uniform Policies Are Even More Tight-Assed Than You Thought

Everyone has always known that the NFL’s uniform policy was incredibly strict—this is made clear every time a player is fined for wearing the wrong color or length of socks—but thanks to the documents dumped in the NFLPA’s lawsuit against the NFL, we now know that the policy is in fact a monument to useless,… » 8/05/15 10:54am 8/05/15 10:54am

The Full Story Of Tom Brady's Destroyed Cell Phone

The biggest revelation from Roger Goodell’s decision upholding Tom Brady’s four-game suspension was that Brady’s cell phone was destroyed shortly before meeting with Ted Wells and his investigators, even though he knew Wells wanted access to the contents of his text messages. Here is how Wells described his request to… » 8/05/15 9:30am 8/05/15 9:30am

Highlights Of Tom Brady's Personal Emails, Revealed In NFLPA Lawsuit

Part of the prodigious information dump related to Tuesday’s NFLPA lawsuit against the NFL is a mammoth collection of Tom Brady’s emails, each carefully tagged by an expert as possibly relevant to the Patriots quarterback’s four-game suspension for allegedly manipulating footballs. The relevations therein turn up very… » 8/05/15 9:00am 8/05/15 9:00am

Here Are The Emails That Helped Start Ballghazi  

Like all great soap operas, it’s easy to lose track of where all the drama began. Here, thanks to the massive amount of paper filed by the NFL player’s union in federal court, is a piece of Ballghazi’s birth, first pointed out by the Boston Globe’s Ben Volin. It’s Jan. 17, 2015, and Indianapolis Colts equipment… » 8/05/15 2:00am 8/05/15 2:00am

Here's The "Integrity Of The Game" Honor Code The NFL Says Brady Broke

For the first time—as far as we can tell—the NFL’s secret honor oath has become public, as part of the NFLPA’s lawsuit over Tom Brady’s suspension. It’s this “Integrity Of The Game Certification” upon which the NFL has hinged its four-game ban on the Patriots quarterback, and yet the text of this honor code was never… » 8/04/15 11:35pm 8/04/15 11:35pm

Here Is The Transcript From Tom Brady's Appeal Hearing [UPDATED]

The NFLPA has filed their suit against the NFL over Tom Brady’s four-game suspension in New York federal court today, after their gambit to have the suit heard in Minnesota was rejected. Judge Richard Berman declined to allow the parties to confidentially submit supporting materials under seal, and as a result we have… » 8/04/15 6:25pm 8/04/15 6:25pm

Tom Brady's Lawsuit Will Be Heard In New York, Like The NFL Wanted

Yesterday, the NFLPA filed its suit on behalf of Tom Brady, claiming the NFL contravened and exceeded its own CBA-granted disciplinary powers in suspending him four games for Ballghazi. The suit was, as expected, filed in Minnesota, where the union has won a series of favorable judgments. It was so expected that the… » 7/30/15 11:05am 7/30/15 11:05am

Tom Brady And The NFLPA Sue The NFL In Federal Court Over Suspension

Following through on what they promised after Roger Goodell upheld Tom Brady’s four game suspension for his part in the deflation of footballs prior to the AFC Championship game against the Colts, Brady and the NFL Players Association filed suit against the NFL in federal court, seeking to vacate the suspension. » 7/29/15 8:00pm 7/29/15 8:00pm

Tom Brady Lied And Killed Babies With His Lies

It’s the day after the NFL’s bombshell revelation—all revelations must be BOMBSHELL—that Tom Brady destroyed his cell phone before NFL investigators could get their hands on it and use it to expose his plots. But he destroyed more than just his cell phone that day, fair reader … HE DESTROYED OUR NATIONAL INNOCENCE. » 7/29/15 4:31pm 7/29/15 4:31pm

Report: NFL Would've Halved Suspension If Tom Brady Admitted Guilt

The only thing we know about Ballghazi with any degree of certainty is what will happen next: Roger Goodell’s decision will be challenged in court. The NFLPA has announced its intention to sue—with Tom Brady’s backing—likely in a Minnesota federal court, where Judge David Doty has a history of pro-player rulings. The… » 7/29/15 10:20am 7/29/15 10:20am