This Isn't About Sandusky: Everything You Need To Know About Pennsylvania's Lawsuit Against The NCAA (And Why You Should Support It)

The commonwealth of Pennsylvania's antitrust lawsuit against the NCAA, filed today in federal court in the middle district of Pennsylvania, makes the ultimate "Death to the NCAA" argument. It states that the NCAA's decision to slap the Penn State football program with unprecedented sanctions was "arbitrary and… »1/02/13 7:40pm1/02/13 7:40pm

The State Of Pennsylvania Plans To Sue The NCAA Over Penn State Sanctions, And It Has A Good Chance To Win

In July, after the NCAA swung its sledgehammer and imposed sanctions that turned the Penn State football program into a bunch of porcelain shards, we argued that the school actually had a good antitrust case against the NCAA if it wanted to bring a lawsuit. Two leading sports law experts told us that the NCAA's legal… »1/02/13 11:20am1/02/13 11:20am

Pennsylvania Governor's Handling Of The Jerry Sandusky Investigation Is Now An Election Talking Point

Soon after Jerry Sandusky's arrest last November, the focus turned toward the insular overlap of several powerful Pennsylvania institutions: Penn State, The Second Mile (Sandusky's charity), and governor Tom Corbett, who had launched the Sandusky investigation during his previous tenure as state attorney general. »9/27/12 5:15pm9/27/12 5:15pm

Pennsylvania's Governor Is Officially Sad Joe Paterno Is Dead, After He Officially Helped Fire Him

Gov. Tom Corbett declared yesterday that all flags on state facilities be at half-staff until Joe Paterno is buried. It's a decision that's generating plenty of opinions pro and con, given Paterno's complex legacy in relation to his towering stature in Pennsylvania. But it's curious that Corbett saw fit to honor… »1/24/12 5:15pm1/24/12 5:15pm

Paterno, Chairman Of Jerry Sandusky's Charity Were Pursuing $125M Real Estate Deal When Sandusky Was Caught Allegedly Sodomizing Boy

One might be tempted to say this thickens the plot, but let's resist temptation and merely state the facts: When Mike McQueary told Joe Paterno in 2002 that he'd seen Jerry Sandusky raping a 10-year-old boy in the shower, Paterno was in business with longtime Second Mile board chairman Robert Poole to build a $125… »12/05/11 1:30pm12/05/11 1:30pm

Two New Child Abuse Cases Against Jerry Sandusky, More Questions About Pace Of Gov. Tom Corbett's Investigation

Two new investigations into child abuse by Jerry Sandusky have been launched by Pennsylvania's Children and Youth Services agency, according to the Patriot-News, which broke the news of the initial Sandusky investigation. It's unclear where or when the new alleged abuse took place. No real details given. What's… »11/22/11 4:35pm11/22/11 4:35pm

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett Explains Why His Jerry Sandusky Investigation Took So Long

A lot of people are wondering why it took the better part of two years for Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett to investigate Jerry Sandusky while Corbett was attorney general. Today, Corbett appeared at a Pennsylvania Press Club luncheon to offer some answers. A grand jury was convened around the summer of 2009 to seek an… »11/21/11 6:00pm11/21/11 6:00pm

Penn State Paid $28 Million To Another Company With Close Ties To Sandusky's Charity

Yes, Penn State and The Second Mile overlapped in many ways. Penn State grad students wrote essays for the charity's annual reports. Second Mile kids participated in programs on the university campus. And companies controlled by Second Mile board members scored juicy contracts from Penn State. Earlier today, we… »11/18/11 5:50pm11/18/11 5:50pm

Second Mile Is ... Penn State: School Paid $25 Million To Company Run By Chairman Of Sandusky's Charity

Bob Poole is the chairman of The Second Mile board of directors (or, perhaps, former chairman—nobody really knows who's running things now). He's held that position for 17 years. He was chairman, then, in 1998, when an attorney for both Second Mile and Penn State learned about an investigation into alleged sexual… »11/18/11 3:25pm11/18/11 3:25pm

Past And Present Board Members Of Sandusky's Charity And Their Businesses Or Families Gave $641,481.21 To Gov. Tom Corbett

Earlier today, we reported that some two dozen current and former board members at The Second Mile had given money to Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett's 2010 campaign. The board members donated a combined $201,783.64, to be exact. But direct contributions are hardly the end of it. Big donors can also encourage family… »11/16/11 5:50pm11/16/11 5:50pm