Tom Jackson Bizarrely Attacks Jay Cutler For Not Saying Hello To People

Sitting alongside Chris Berman as he has for so long, Tom Jackson has escaped criticism because the easy target gets hit the most. But Tom Jackson is just as awful and this is but one example. Jay Cutler was concussed two weeks ago and was just named the starter for the Bears today. Rather than a gritty player… » 11/25/12 12:08pm 11/25/12 12:08pm

Now, Now, We're Sure Irvin Has Close To The Right Number Of Chromosomes

So that whole Tom Jackson calling Michael Irvin a "retard" thing from yesterday? Absolutely true, absolutely happened, and here's video, via Dejuiced. » 9/12/06 11:45am 9/12/06 11:45am

Eventually, It Will Just Be A Graphic Below Irvin's Name

So we haven't actually seen this, so we need someone to confirm it for us, preferably with video. Let that be our disclaimer prologue. » 9/11/06 3:45pm 9/11/06 3:45pm