Tom Landry's Widow Says Tom Landry Died A Giants Fan

For the first 29 seasons of the Dallas Cowboys' existence, they were coached by Tom Landry, who was best known for his formal sideline attire, most prominently that ever-present fedora. Landry was the Cowboys, at least until Jerry Jones bought the team in February 1989 and promptly fired him, among other indignities.… » 11/01/13 1:39pm 11/01/13 1:39pm

Last Night's Winner: Wade Phillips, Tom Landry, What's The Difference?

The recently-fired Cowboys coach gave his first lengthy interview since becoming a recently-fired Cowboys coach. In what was either a poor choice of words or a complete inability to understand football, he compared himself to that most legendary of Dallas coaches. » 11/23/10 10:35am 11/23/10 10:35am