Bay Area Sports Radio Legend Fired For No Apparent Reason

Imagine if Mike Francesa just walked into WFAN one morning for work, ready to start his regular shift, and management hauled him into an office, told him he was being fired, gave him 100 pages of paperwork, and said he had minutes—not hours—to clean out his desk and leave. Twenty minutes after that, sitting in his car… »4/12/12 8:45pm4/12/12 8:45pm


Bernard Hopkins Not Exactly In Donovan McNabb's Corner

And now a few words from Bernard Hopkins, former middleweight and light heavyweight world champion, Philadelphia native (Germantown), prison guest and all-around badass. Subject: Donovan McNabb. Venue: KNBR-680 (San Francisco) radio, Thursday afternoon. Mood: Huffy. Key quote: "I wish the Wizard of Oz would come back… »12/05/08 12:15pm12/05/08 12:15pm