"My Pitcher Is Terrible, My Bullpen Can't Get Anybody Out": What…

For a sport with so many supposed "unwritten rules," baseball sure has a lot of written ones. But the official rulebook is much like the U.S. Constitution: remarkably broad, and designed to allow arbiters to interpret what's in there. One instance that allows for wide latitude is what constitutes an ejectable offense.… » 12/17/12 12:40pm 12/17/12 12:40pm

Wearing A Fish Bib And Singing An Italian Song Did Not Give Tommy…

This was the scene Sunday evening at Bamonte's, an Italian restaurant in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn that's been open since 1900. Bamonte's is a wonderfully old-school red-sauce joint—try the stuffed peppers appetizer and the eggplant rollatini—and it's not uncommon there for a couple of old-timers whose… » 6/08/12 6:00pm 6/08/12 6:00pm

Uncovering The 19th Century Version Of 'You Dead, Dawg'

Well, this just makes me miss Deadwood all the more: It seems that raunchy language was such a problem in professional baseball in the late 1800s, that the league actually handed out a document telling players to knock it off. It lists several examples of banned expressions, which are absolutely filthy, to say the… » 12/03/07 1:05pm 12/03/07 1:05pm