Tommy Morrison's Immediate Cause Of Death: Cardiac Arrest

According to the death certificate of Tommy Morrison, the 44-year-old boxer who tested positive for HIV in 1996 died of cardiac arrest on Sunday. » 9/05/13 9:10pm 9/05/13 9:10pm

RIP, Tommy Morrison: An All-American Champion Finally Finds Peace

Former heavyweight contender Tommy Morrison finally died last night, bringing to an end his 17 year struggle with HIV and a life equally triumphant and tragic. Morrison's story is a metaphor for his time in the ring; an epic tale of opposing forces in combat: a spirit so boundless that it propelled him to overcome… » 9/02/13 1:11pm 9/02/13 1:11pm

HIV-Positive Tommy Morrison Says HIV Doesn't Exist So He Has…

This column from a few days back in which Sam Mellinger of the Kansas City Star speaks to former "heavyweight champion" Tommy Morrison is a must-read for HIV deniers, teleporters, Randy Quaid, train-wreck enthusiasts and fans of quality reportage. » 2/17/11 10:30pm 2/17/11 10:30pm

Tommy Morrison Is A Deep Thinker

One would think "boxer" Tommy Morrison's constant claims that AIDS is "an invented virus" making money for the drug industry, and that "heterosexuals can't transmit the virus" would inspire people to stop taking him seriously and no longer listen to him. That hasn't worked, but maybe his new enlightened views on… » 7/17/07 11:10am 7/17/07 11:10am

Get Your Morrison/Harding Tickets FAST

We are trying to decide which part of this story is the saddest and most indicative of how our planet is in an irreversible downward incline. (Or, you know, "decline," if you want to say that in fewer words.) Tonight, in Brandon, Mo., The Amateur Boxing Club of Branson — such a thing exists — is hosting its monthly… » 2/28/07 4:00pm 2/28/07 4:00pm

Tommy Morrison Most Healthy Undercard Winner Last Night

Well, they actually let Tommy Morrison — who pretty much everybody knows has HIV, save for himself, a couple of his doctor friends and some West Virginia boxing board members — fight last night, and, lo and behold, he won, knocking out John Castle in his first fight in 11 years. Castle had admitted to being nervous… » 2/23/07 11:00am 2/23/07 11:00am

Eventually, The Running Man Will Become Reality

You know, with the freakshow that boxing has become and probably always was, that it was inevitable: ESPN is reporting that Tommy Morrison, the former "Rocky V" boxer who has HIV, will be fighting Thursday night. » 2/20/07 4:00pm 2/20/07 4:00pm

Tommy Morrison's Confusing Confusion

Far be it from us to deny a guy the opportunity to make a living, and we consider ourselves open-minded ... but we had to say, when there's open debate as to whether or not are HIV-positive, we kind of think maybe you shouldn't be boxing. » 10/19/06 3:45pm 10/19/06 3:45pm

Morrison-Tyson: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Remember Tommy Morrison? In a more sports world with a little more flair than the one we inhabit, his story would be among the most compelling. Distant relative of John Wayne, co-star with Stallone in Rocky V, briefly heavyweight champion, beat George Foreman, spent 14 months in jail and, oh yeah, was diagnosed with… » 7/19/06 1:15pm 7/19/06 1:15pm