Notre Dame LB Arrested At House Party Allegedly Told Cop, "My People Will Get You"

Notre Dame quarterback Tommy Rees initially was the one who looked like he was in deep shit after what allegedly happened when cops broke up a huge off-campus house party two weeks ago. Rees faces misdemeanor charges including resisting arrest and battery, though prosecutors did reduce that latter charge from a felony… »5/16/12 7:15pm5/16/12 7:15pm


Notre Dame QB Tommy Rees Allegedly Kneed A Cop In The Stomach And Had To Be Pepper Sprayed

More offseason good news for Notre Dame football. According to the Chicago Tribune, after police responded to a "madhouse of people" drinking at an off-campus house party late last night, two Fighting Irish players wound up being arrested. And quarterback Tommy Rees—a 19-year-old who will be a junior next fall—is … »5/03/12 11:40am5/03/12 11:40am