Tony Dungy Doesn't Think Michael Vick Is Being Haunted By Dog Ghosts

Are dog ghosts haunting Michael Vick, causing him and the Jets to be cursed? Let's ask Tony Dungy this oddly specific question. » 10/29/14 12:40pm 10/29/14 12:40pm

Tony Dungy Still Isn't Sure What The Problem Is

Tony Dungy tried again today to explain his Michael Sam comments, this time on the The Dan Patrick Show, and it somehow became all about Jonathan Martin.
» 7/23/14 4:36pm 7/23/14 4:36pm

Michael Sam On Dungy: "Thank God He Wasn't The St. Louis Rams Coach"

Maybe Tony Dungy really should rethink whether he would draft a guy like Michael Sam because, for a player dealing with his first NFL training camp controversy, Sam responded to Dungy's I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin' homophobia pretty perfectly. He was funny, mildly self-deprecating, and even said Tony Dungy was… » 7/22/14 8:09pm 7/22/14 8:09pm

Tony Dungy Is Sorry You Made Such A Big Deal Over What He Said

Tony Dungy has released a statement on his comments that he wouldn't draft Michael Sam. And wouldn't you know it, we're all really to blame. » 7/22/14 1:54pm 7/22/14 1:54pm

How To Legitimize Bigotry: Embrace Debate

This morning, Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless shouted at each other about Tony Dungy's comments that Michael Sam's sexuality would be an overriding distraction in an NFL locker room, and whether it was a bigger distraction that Michael Vick's return from prison. I'm sorry, that's the worst sentence I've ever typed. » 7/22/14 1:33pm 7/22/14 1:33pm

Keith Olbermann Blasts Tony Dungy

On last night's show, Keith Olbermann took Tony Dungy to task for his comments that he "wouldn't have taken" Michael Sam because he "wouldn't want to deal with" the accompanying distractions. » 7/22/14 10:21am 7/22/14 10:21am

Tony Dungy Says He Wouldn't Want To "Deal With" Taking Michael Sam

It's not a shock that former coach and continued insufferable shit Tony Dungy says he wouldn't want anything to do with an openly gay player on his team. It's just surprising it took someone this long to ask him. » 7/21/14 1:02pm 7/21/14 1:02pm

Police Arrest Prankster Who Offered Tony Dungy The USC Job

When last we met Ken Tarr, he was riding high off the Dungy-to-USC prank and planned on offering Will Muschamp a middling position at a middling program just to "see if he gets insulted or not." Now he's in a Los Angeles jail, on suspicion of felony eavesdropping. » 12/09/13 11:00pm 12/09/13 11:00pm

Meet Tim Tebow And Tony Dungy's Christian Sensei

Tomorrow's New York Times has a short story on Nathan Whitaker, who is presumably among the most successful people in the football-media nexus, and presumably unbeknownst to you. » 10/07/11 6:40pm 10/07/11 6:40pm

Tony Dungy Still Furiously Beatifying Himself

Coach Moral Compass checks in on the Braylon Edwards situation and says, approximately, "If I'm Rex Ryan, I light the collective bargaining agreement on fire and blow my nose with the Wagner Act." [Larry Brown Sports] » 9/27/10 11:15am 9/27/10 11:15am

Albert Haynesworth: I'm Not "A Slave Or Whatever" to Redskins

Because no one reads the newspaper, and SportsCenter's anchors are too perky for this early in the morning, Deadspin combs the best of the broadsheets and internets to bring you everything you need to know to start your day. » 9/26/10 9:00am 9/26/10 9:00am

Tony Dungy Is An Insufferable Shit

"If I'm Reggie Bush, I give back the trophy," Tony Dungy said yesterday in his capacity as football's freelance moral compass. This is all he does anymore: intone some insufferably pious crap that's just aching to be cross-stitched onto a decorative pillow. » 9/10/10 6:30pm 9/10/10 6:30pm

Seahawks CEO Gets Uppity About Rooney Rule Violation Allegations

It turns out Tod Leiweke did look beyond the American Eagle model coaching circuit when trying to fill their coaching/GM vacancies. Leiweke said he called Tony Dungy first about the president's job even before he had playtime with Leslie Frazier. » 1/12/10 8:50pm 1/12/10 8:50pm

The Tony Dungy Seal Of Approval

The most fascinating element of the Michael Vick saga is the role of Tony Dungy, who has leveraged his credibility to get Vick a new job. Is this the future of PR management for "troubled" athletes? » 8/14/09 12:30pm 8/14/09 12:30pm

Tony Dungy: Bad For Gays? Good For Blacks? Great For Everybody? Let's…

The retirement of Tony Dungy has brought forth some divided opinions from two different sets of minorities about the coach's legacy as a human being. » 1/15/09 2:00pm 1/15/09 2:00pm

Tony Dungy Has A Short Memory

Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy spoke with kids at a high school in Tampa on Thursday and apparently he was in a mood to foment him some controversy. And not in the usual "condemning o' the gays" way. Nope. He took a shot at the rival New England Patriots being embroiled in MattWalshGate. Nothing wrong with that.… » 5/11/08 5:30pm 5/11/08 5:30pm

Nicole Manske Will One Day Rule The World

So you probably new that NASCAR has its own Erin Andrews (although I prefer the original). But did you know that Nicole Manske has her sights set on the NFL? Manske, a former Miss Illinois Teen USA and native of Rockton, Ill. (where she was a high school cheerleader on the same squad with Danica Patrick), was a host… » 2/29/08 11:40am 2/29/08 11:40am