All 100 Times Jeter's Name Was Mentioned On Fox—And All Zero Of Gwynn's

Lest you forget, Fox was sure to make you aware that this is Derek Jeter's final season in the majors. The Captain's name was spoken no fewer than 100 times on tonight's All-Star Game broadcast, but at what cost? That of remembering people like Tony Gwynn, Don Zimmer, or Bob Welch—none of whom were mentioned during… »7/16/14 12:56am7/16/14 12:56am

D-Backs Closer Says He Quit Smokeless Tobacco After Tony Gwynn's Death

Though the late Tony Gwynn attributed his salivary cancer to smokeless tobacco, there wasn't necessarily a direct connection. (The stuff's obviously very harmful, but Gwynn's type of cancer was quite rare.) Either way, though, Gwynn's death has convinced at least one current MLB player to quit cold turkey. »6/23/14 10:51am6/23/14 10:51am

Tony Gwynn Was The Babe Ruth Of Not Striking Out

Since Tony Gwynn died Monday, many stories have been written about what a great player he was. But among all the mentions of his eight batting titles and 15 All-Star games, there's an extraordinary facet of his game that goes slightly underappreciated even as it's constantly mentioned—his incredible ability to make… »6/19/14 4:20pm6/19/14 4:20pm

How Tony Gwynn Cracked Baseball's Code And Became A Legend

If you're not old enough to remember, you may not believe it, but there was a time when Tony Gwynn was an incredible athlete, not just in the sense that he had the freakish hand-eye coordination of an eight-time National League batting champion, but in the sense that he could run and jump with anyone. There are traces… »6/16/14 5:22pm6/16/14 5:22pm

Welcome To The Hall, Cal And Tubby; We're Not Here To Talk About Your Past, Mac

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch appears to have jumped the gun on Hall of Fame voting results — and they don't have final totals — but it looks like there's no surprise: Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken are in ... and, obviously, Mark McGwire is out. (And likely not close.) Actual announcement in about five minutes. »1/09/07 2:00pm1/09/07 2:00pm