Around The Horn Gets The Game Of Thrones Treatment

Here's Around the Horn's tribute to everyone's favorite television show about medieval politics, boobs, and dragons. We've seen this kind of thing before from Reali and the gang, and even though the music isn't exactly right, this is very well done. » 3/28/13 6:52pm 3/28/13 6:52pm

Around The Horn Viewers Continue To Be Mystified By Ash Wednesday

For years, Around The Horn host Tony Reali has proudly worn the mark of Ash Wednesday upon his forehead while hosting that day's program. While other talent on other networks might not have such freedom, Reali's clearly a person who both believes strongly in his faith and works on a program that doesn't take itself… » 2/13/13 5:25pm 2/13/13 5:25pm

Mitch Albom Was "Phony Sweet" And Other Highlights Of PTI's…

ESPN helpfully publishes an audio podcast of its popular Pardon The Interruption program daily for viewers who can't find their way to a television at 5:30 p.m. Eastern. Yesterday, though, we received numerous emails alerting us to the bizarre nature of yesterday's podcast. For one, it was more than three and a half… » 11/21/12 3:40am 11/21/12 3:40am

Tony Reali Does His Best Henry Hill In Around The Horn's Stellar …

Reali and the ESPN crew pay homage to the famous tracking shot in Goodfellas (which was really just Scorcese fucking with Brian De Palma). It's masterfully done. » 11/04/11 2:45pm 11/04/11 2:45pm

This Evening: On Around The Horny, Tony Reali Wonders Which "College…

Your p.m. roundup for Oct. 28, the day we figured out how to just vanish. H/T to TylerRio for the Reali video. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors. » 10/28/11 7:30pm 10/28/11 7:30pm

Around The Horn Takes On The March Madness Selection Process

This is a clip from an Around The Horn episode about a week ago, in which the four journalists du jour took on the March Madness selection process — a topic that seemed to be on everybody's mind. "How much difference between the innies and the outies?" wondered show host Tony Reali. "What do you think of the job the… » 3/23/11 6:15pm 3/23/11 6:15pm

Tony Reali Is Kind Of A Dick In Intramural Soccer

So says a woman who plays against him in a DC rec league, writing that he's irritating on the field, condescending to girls, and wears "too much product." [Deuce of Davenport] » 8/19/10 11:30am 8/19/10 11:30am

Media Approval Ratings: Tony Reali

We sometimes wonder if old-school on-air sports personalities resent Tony Reali. His "rise" from researcher in 2000 to host of his own show today was ridiculously swift, and, frankly, the type of thing that should scare them a lot more than some silly blog. » 5/09/08 1:05pm 5/09/08 1:05pm

Jay Mariotti Can't Figure Out Why Everyone's So NEGATIVE

We enjoyed the countless emails we received yesterday informing us that "Around The Horn" host Tony Reali — an affable fellow whom we imagine being ultra intense about rec league softball, for some reason — yelled out "don't take my Deadspin away from me" at the end of the program yesterday. (Shockingly, we didn't… » 2/09/07 10:00am 2/09/07 10:00am

Skip Bayless vs. Stuart Scott: Whom Do You Hate More?

We have reached the finals of The Road To Bristol, the ongoing, months-long battle to discover, once and for all, the most loathsome ESPN "personality." » 8/30/05 1:43pm 8/30/05 1:43pm

Road From Bristol Enters Final Four

Time for an update from The Road From Bristol, the 64-"team" tournament allowing voters to choose the most loathsome ESPN personality. We're still awaiting results of Dan LeBatard vs. Tony Reali matchup to select the last of the Final Four. But the winners so far: » 8/18/05 12:55pm 8/18/05 12:55pm