Mercifully, Tony Siragusa Will Not Appear On Your Televisions This Playoff Season

Tony Siragusa's book entertained us, even though he lied in the course of promoting it. But he consistently fails to entertain us on NFL telecasts. He also consistently fails to inform us, about football or, for that matter, anything else. This sweater was the high point of his 2012. Kenny Albert and Daryl Johnston… »1/04/13 4:55pm1/04/13 4:55pm

Tom Brady's Cock Is Two Feet Long, Penn State Is A Cult, And Other Things We Learned From Tony Siragusa's Autobiography

Tony Siragusa may be a pain on Fox's NFL telecasts, during which producers have inexplicably tasked him with standing on the sidelines and bellowing nonsense. But the man can tell a good story. He does a lot of that in his new book, Goose: The Outrageous Life and Times of a Football Guy, which he co-wrote with Don… »9/14/12 4:30pm9/14/12 4:30pm

Fox Unveils "Goose Cam," Which Is The Worst Thing Ever

I can't imagine there's any football fan who turns on their TV on Sundays and thinks to themselves, "God, I hope this game features lots of Tony Siragusa and his crack football analysis." Well, now Fox is investing even more in their rotund, roaming reporter, giving him some kind of gadget-filled bank of monitors… »8/16/12 11:00pm8/16/12 11:00pm