Football Coaches' Motivational Gimmicks Have Never Not Been Lame

Spurred by new Raiders interim coach Tony Sparano burying a football (and ideally the 0-4 start), Drew recalled some of the worst and saddest motivational tactics coaches have turned to to inspire their uninspired charges. Today in the Los Angeles Times, Sam Farmer does the same thing, rounding up some of the weirder… » 10/12/14 12:24pm 10/12/14 12:24pm

Tony Sparano's Exit Plays Out Like World's Saddest Horse Race

Tony Sparano was a goner as soon as this game ended. He knew it, you knew it—we all knew it. So, rather than talk with reporters about another woeful Jets offensive performance, he just left. No "no comment," "sorry guys, I'm not talking" or "get out of my face, you hyenas"—he just calmly walked out of the room and… » 12/30/12 9:00pm 12/30/12 9:00pm

Bart Scott Tells Jets Writer, "I'll Smack The Shit Out Of You"

Well, truth be told, there are only a few details but apparently Bart Scott threatened to punch Dan Leberfeld, the guy behind Jets newsletter Jets Confidential » 9/21/12 2:38pm 9/21/12 2:38pm

The Dolphins Just Fired Tony Sparano

It's been a rough day for the coaches of underachieving NFL teams: The Chiefs fired Todd Haley this morning, and Adam Schefter reports that the Dolphins fired Tony Sparano this afternoon. » 12/12/11 4:21pm 12/12/11 4:21pm

Tony Sparano Is Selling His House

What could prompt Miami coach Tony Sparano to put his 5-bed 5-bath Mediterranean style home on the market? Could it be the Dolphins' 0-6 record? Their total lack of effort and execution? The whispers that Bill Cowher's finally ready to get back in the game? It's more prosaic: Tony gets lonely in that big old house. » 10/27/11 10:40am 10/27/11 10:40am

Brandon Marshall's Game Plan This Week Calls For Getting Ejected And…

Brandon Marshall has given us a reason to talk about the Dolphins for something other than how terrible they are, and it's because of what he intends to do during Monday night's game against the Jets. Apparently Marshall hasn't been himself during the season's first four games, at least according to Marshall. And who… » 10/14/11 12:05pm 10/14/11 12:05pm

Terrelle Pryor Will Gank Your Sign

Because no one reads the newspaper, and SportsCenter's anchors are too perky for this early in the morning, Deadspin combs the best of the broadsheets and internets to bring you everything you need to know to start your day. » 1/08/11 10:15am 1/08/11 10:15am