In Spite Of Itself, Deadspin Turns 10 Today

Deadspin turns 10 years old today; we’re proud of what our site has done, even though we’ll look like self-aggrandizing assholes if we talk about it. It’s hard, when you’re working here every day, to think of the stories that have really stood out, or stood in for other ones that stood out, so we asked the editors of… »9/08/15 6:48pm9/08/15 6:48pm


Cleancast: Are Your Party Messes Worse Than These Party Disasters? 

My guest this week on the official Ask a Clean Person podcast is James Del, Gawker Media’s former VP of programming & events, who joined me to talk about party messes and how to manage a shared vacation home, though he also spilled some dirt on me and my origins at Gawker Media. It involved lemon squares.
»7/06/15 4:53pm7/06/15 4:53pm

Basketball's Most Influential Pick-and-Roll Turnover Ball Handlers

Today, Politico shared a list of bloggers ranked by influence by a proprietary survey conducted by an analytics firm called StatSocial. This seems useful, in its way. Similarly, Deadspin would like to share some data from Synergy Sports, a sports analytics firm. Here is a list of NBA players, ranked by… »4/14/15 5:59pm4/14/15 5:59pm

How We Got Rolled by the Dishonest Fascists of Gamergate

On October 1, the computing giant Intel pulled its ads from Gamasutra, a trade website for game developers, over an essay called "'Gamers' don't have to be your audience. 'Gamers' are over" by a journalist named Leigh Alexander. Intel had been successfully harassed by a small, contemptible crusade called "Gamergate"—a… »10/22/14 5:03pm10/22/14 5:03pm