Tree-Poisoner Harvey Updyke Is "Meaner Than Anyone In The World,"…

The trees at Auburn's Toomer's Corner: not doing so hot. "Aesthetically dead if not actually dead," the university said last week. (Still, they might be doing better than Harvey Updyke, who is living in his car in the woods as he awaits trial.) The oaks received a massive pruning earlier this month, in yet another… » 8/22/12 12:10pm 8/22/12 12:10pm

Harvey Updyke, Alleged Tree Poisoner, Is Living In His Car In The Woods

After three lawyers assigned to the case bowed out for various personal reasons, a man in Alabama has finally agreed to take on the case of Harvey Updyke, the former state trooper who allegedly poisoned Auburn's oak trees at Toomer's Corner. The lucky attorney, Glennon Threatt, Jr., went on the Paul Finebaum radio show » 2/23/11 1:00pm 2/23/11 1:00pm

Let Us Begin Our All-Night Tree Vigil For The Oaks At Toomer's Corner

The trees are cloaked in their customary strips of toilet paper, and a man from Dadeville who named his kids "Bear" and "Crimson" awaits justice. At College Street and Magnolia Avenue in Auburn this evening, Tiger fans mourn the loss of their beloved oak trees. The sites seem to be having a bit of difficulty in… » 2/17/11 7:45pm 2/17/11 7:45pm

'Bama Fan Who May Have Been A State Trooper Charged with Poisoning…

Harvey Almorn Updyke, a 62 year-old from Dadeville, Ala., has been arrested for poisoning the beloved oak trees at Aurburn's Toomer's Corner. Updyke, according to his Facebook profile, is a retired Texas State Trooper and a dedicated 'Bama fan (note the patterned hat; he also has a Facebook friend named Crimson). He… » 2/17/11 11:45am 2/17/11 11:45am

Pour One Out For Auburn's Trees Tonight

Toomer's Corner, the spiritual heart of Auburn's campus and the destination spot to celebrate wins, was poisoned with a "very lethal dose" herbicide. Naturally, the perpetrator bragged about it on Finebaum's show. People have heart attacks. People admit to tree-killing. These are things that happen in SEC sports talk… » 2/16/11 7:50pm 2/16/11 7:50pm