MRA Brings Human Rights Complaint Against CFL Team For Anti-DV Campaign

The CFL's Toronto Argonauts are supporters of the White Ribbon Campaign, a domestic-violence prevention initiative formed in response to the 1989 École Polytechnique Massacre, where 14 women at a Montreal university were murdered by a man who claimed that he was "fighting feminism." It is, not surprisingly, focused on… » 1/26/15 2:03pm 1/26/15 2:03pm

Argonauts Not Happy Rob Ford Talked About Eating Pussy In Their Jersey

When the Toronto Argonauts' social media manager woke up this morning, I doubt he or she thought that they were going to have to tweet out an official statement regarding Rob Ford and all the pussy he may or may not be eating. But Ford decided to wear his customized "MAYOR FORD" Argos jersey while continuing to … » 11/14/13 12:14pm 11/14/13 12:14pm

1989's Back Again, In The SkyDome Opening That Featured Thousands Of…

Toronto's Rogers Centre was introduced in June 1989 as the SkyDome, at a time when the name "SkyDome" suggested an exciting future full of retractable roofs and mud-free Argonauts games, which we'd have to agree are two of the greatest developments of the past twenty-plus years. » 7/14/11 8:00pm 7/14/11 8:00pm

J. Jonah Jameson Is Not Amused

Eat your heart out, T.O. This young man is Arland Bruce III, speedy receiver for the Toronto Argonauts, who play a strange variation of the game of football which includes 16 players per side, among them horses, elves and hobbits. Also the ball is made entirely of bacon. But another thing that makes the Canadian… » 9/03/08 12:00pm 9/03/08 12:00pm

Ricky Williams Wants Back In Your Life

The ball is rolling for Ricky Williams to get himself back in the National Football League. His agent, Leigh Steinberg, claims that Ricky's in the best shape of his life (though I don't know if an agent has ever said that a client of his wasn't in the best shape of his life) and has passed all of his pee-pee tests. » 4/01/07 4:00pm 4/01/07 4:00pm

Ricky Williams Has Had Just About Enough Of Canada, Thanks

For those of you not up on your Grey Cup, the East semifinals are this weekend, featuring the Winnipeg Blue Bombers against the Toronto Argonauts and our old friend Ricky Williams. During a practice interview — the interview was real, but it was after practice, if you'll forgive our somewhat misplaced modifier —… » 11/03/06 10:30am 11/03/06 10:30am

Ricky's Canadian Debut

Ricky Williams made his Canadian Football League debut last night in a pre-season exhibition game for the Toronto Argonauts. It looks like Ricky's domination of the Canadian game is not a given. He had seven yards on four carries. And I think his numbers get even worse when you consider the exchange rate. » 6/03/06 5:10pm 6/03/06 5:10pm