Sebastian Giovinco Is Way Too Good For MLS

Last night, Sebastian Giovinco weaved through the heart of the entire defense of the New York Red Bulls, hoodwinked another group of would-be markers with an absurdly calm fake shot with his stronger right foot, then spanked a perfect ball with his left that flew all the way across goal and into the far side of the… »10/15/15 12:13pm10/15/15 12:13pm


Sebastian Giovinco Continues To Tear Up MLS

Sebastian Giovinco scored a pair of goals and assisted another today as Toronto FC beat the Colorado Rapids 3-1. Both scores were fairly simple for Giovinco, on account of the massive gaps defenders left him, but he got himself to the right spot with ease each time. He continues to be at the center of everything… »9/19/15 6:07pm9/19/15 6:07pm

Toronto Will Make Sebastian Giovinco World's Highest-Paid Italian Player

Once you've tried to wrap your head around the nebulous machinations that resulted in Toronto FC's new star-studded roster, you're left wondering how exactly the team convinced certain players to join the league. In the case of Sebastian Giovinco, the pitch was simple: "How would you like to be the highest-paid… »1/20/15 11:49am1/20/15 11:49am

MLS Is Putting The Fix In For Toronto FC, Right Before Our Eyes

Not that this is any real secret, but it deserves to be said as often as possible: MLS is rigged. The league jointly owns each individual team, centrally controls all major decisions, and has a rule book as regularly erased and written over as a chalk board. With yesterday's reported news that Juventus forward… »1/19/15 2:08pm1/19/15 2:08pm

Jozy Altidore, The Striker Who Never Was, Is Coming Back Home

Yesterday, news broke that perennial Premier League bottom feeders Sunderland had reached a swap deal with Major League Soccer. American striker Jozy Altidore is leaving Sunderland for MLS's Toronto FC. English striker Jermain Defoe, who just joined Toronto FC from Tottenham last summer, is going to Sunderland. The… »1/14/15 5:58pm1/14/15 5:58pm

Eric Hassli's Stoppage Time Volley Proved The Existence Of A Canadian Rocket Program

While the Voyageurs Cup may be one of soccer's less-prestigious trophies, claiming it in the Canadian Championship does have its rewards: specifically, an invite to the CONCACAF Champions League. Last night's first leg between Whitecaps and Toronto FC in Vancouver looked like an upset 1-0 win by the road team until… »5/17/12 12:25pm5/17/12 12:25pm