Hey Canada, What The Hell Happened To The Raptors?

The Wizards completed their four-game sweep of the Raptors yesterday evening in D.C. Sweeps aren’t all that uncommon in the first round of the NBA playoffs; what made this one notable, beyond Toronto having been the higher-seeded and favored team at the outset, is just how one-sided it was. The score was tied 43-43… »4/27/15 10:55am4/27/15 10:55am

The Wizards Are Figuring It Out, And The Raptors Aren't Good Enough

“That is a bad man, number 34.” Those are the words color commentator Doris Burke used to describe Paul Pierce’s game-sealing three-pointer against the Toronto Raptors last night. In just thirty seconds the Raptors cut an eight point deficit to three, and if the Wizards had come up empty, the Raptors would’ve had a… »4/25/15 11:34am4/25/15 11:34am

Marcus Smart Pulls Game-Winning Layup Out Of His Ass

What the NBA’s Eastern Conference lacks in good basketball teams, it makes up for in an oddly exciting race for the last two playoff spots. The Celtics are one of five teams separated by just two games between seventh and 11th place. Three of those teams—Miami, Charlotte and Boston—played in games decided by one point… »4/05/15 12:03pm4/05/15 12:03pm

Earlier today the Toronto Raptors—who surprisingly have the third best record in the NBA—announced t

Earlier today the Toronto Raptors—who surprisingly have the third best record in the NBA—announced that DeMar DeRozan suffered a "torn left adductor longus tendon" with no timetable for return. Injury blog In Street Clothes explains what that is, and how long DeRozan will likely be out for. [In Street Clothes] »11/29/14 7:11pm11/29/14 7:11pm

Vince Carter Receives Standing Ovation, Cries During Return to Toronto

Vince Carter's Memphis Grizzlies are playing in Toronto tonight, and for the first time since the Raptors traded the former Air Canada to the Nets in 2004, he was cheered. Carter has played 16 games in Toronto since the trade—including a playoff series in 2007—and in every single one of them he was vociferously booed.… »11/19/14 8:58pm11/19/14 8:58pm