Torrey Smith Wants You To Know He Wasn't Tim Tebow When He Was In College

Cris Collinsworth mentioned Sunday night that Ravens rookie wide receiver Torrey Smith did not drink or smoke during his time at the University of Maryland. This struck some people as odd, since one wonders what else there is to do in College Park if both booze and cigarettes are removed from the undergraduate… »10/04/11 1:50pm10/04/11 1:50pm

We've Given Maryland Football's Dramatic "Pride" Video An Earthquake Panic Remix

Before the season opener against Miami on Monday night, the Terps aired a promotional "Maryland Pride" video to fire up the home crowd and to display the Under Armour logo as many times as possible. The original included the Ravens' Torrey Smith—but not the part where he bolted for safer ground when the earthquake… »9/07/11 11:25am9/07/11 11:25am

The Ravens' Torrey Smith, In The Safest Place Imaginable, Ran For His Life When The Earthquake Hit

Smith, the Ravens' second-round draft pick out of Maryland, was doing a UM commercial when the earth moved. Owings Mills is 120 miles as the crow raven flies from the epicenter of the quake, so we're sure it was intense. We're also sure that a wide open football field is precisely the safest place to be in an… »8/24/11 12:20pm8/24/11 12:20pm