West Ham Idiot Runs Length Of Pitch, Takes Free Kick For Spurs

An Idiot On The Field invaded the pitch at Upton Park today, and made the most of his time in the spotlight: he took a crucial free kick for the visiting Tottenham Hotspur. » 8/16/14 11:39am 8/16/14 11:39am

Jan Vertonghen's Europa League Flop Was Oscar-Worthy

Either Tottenham's Jan Vertonghen has a literal glass jaw or he was guilty of one of the worst flops we've ever seen, one that earned the phantom headbutter a straight red. » 2/28/14 1:13pm 2/28/14 1:13pm

Cool-Ass Little Girl Gives Luis Suárez Taste Of His Own Medicine

Haha! Luis, you just got punked by a mascot! Getting snubbed in the handshake line isn't so funny on this end, is it? Hopefully Patrice Evra caught a glimpse of his new hero and some Manchester United swag is coming this kid's way. » 12/16/13 3:01pm 12/16/13 3:01pm

André Villas-Boas Out At Tottenham After Humiliating Loss

Well, that was fast. Today, Tottenham Hotspur have announced that André Villas-Boas and the club have mutually agreed to terminate his contract on the heels of a 5-0 home routing at the hands of Liverpool. This is his second mid-season sacking in three seasons, and we wouldn't be surprised if he never wanted to step… » 12/16/13 12:38pm 12/16/13 12:38pm

Referee Hit With Smoke Bomb Thrown By Tottenham Supporter

West Midlands police arrested two men believed to be responsible for tossing a flare or a smoke bomb onto the pitch during yesterday's Tottenham Hotspur-Aston Villa match. In footage that was broadcast to viewers on Sky Sports 1, which you can watch below, the smoke bomb struck assistant referee David Bryan in the… » 10/21/13 2:07pm 10/21/13 2:07pm

De-Pantsing Is Soccer's Most Effective Defensive Strategy

Late in the first half of today's <del>Premier League</del> match between Aston Villa and Tottenham, Villa's Nick Helenius beat his defender and made a dangerous run towards Tottenham's goal. That's when Jan Vertonghen decided that desperate times called for desperate measures, and stopped Helenius from scoring with… » 9/24/13 6:19pm 9/24/13 6:19pm

Skinheads, Drunks, And London Soccer In The Early '70s

Forty years after its publication, The Glory Game, Hunter Davies's behind-the-scenes classic about a season with Tottenham Hotspur, reads in a lot of ways like a supreme work of access journalism, one willing to betray the secrets everyone already knows in order to protect the real ones. So players curse and drink and… » 9/06/13 3:45pm 9/06/13 3:45pm

Coach Ted Lasso Behind-The-Scenes Video Almost As Good As Original

You loved NBC's Coach Ted Lasso video, in which an American football coach learns all about the sport of association football. Here's a bit behind the making of it, as captured in London by Spurs TV. We're not sure if Jason Sudeikis is ever not in character—or if he even has a character at all other than "Jason… » 8/06/13 10:43pm 8/06/13 10:43pm

What Might Happen If A Football Coach Coached Soccer

This skit features Jason Sudeikis as Ted Lasso, an American football coach hired to manage Tottenham Hotspur in England. Look at all the differences! It's a dumb premise, but the jokes are legitimately funny. Who knew so many football clubs were just like the Dallas Cowboys? » 8/03/13 1:45pm 8/03/13 1:45pm

Soccer Team Owner Blocks Tottenham Transfer From Prison

Tottenham Hotspur had a deal in place to transfer center back Vlad Chiriches from Romanian club Steaua Bucuresti to the Premier League. But then Steaua Bucuresti owner Gigi Becali was granted his one-a-day phone call from jail, and everything went to shit. » 8/01/13 2:10pm 8/01/13 2:10pm

Is Gareth Bale Really Worth $150 Million?

Even before Tottenham winger Gareth Bale swept the Premier League season individual awards last year, winning player of the year, young player of the year and Football Writers' Association player of the year, we knew that Real Madrid wanted him. We just didn't know how badly. » 7/28/13 5:30pm 7/28/13 5:30pm

Chelsea And Tottenham Have A Winning Problem

Three days after beating Manchester United in the FA Cup quarterfinal, Chelsea easily dispatched Russian club Rubin Kazan, 3-1, to take a commanding lead in their Europa League quarterfinal. Tottenham had a tougher time in their first leg, drawing Swiss side Basel 2-2 at home. During the match, Spurs centerback… » 4/05/13 6:35pm 4/05/13 6:35pm

Gareth Bale's Last-Minute Goal Is One Of This Season's Best

It is the age of golazos. Gareth Bale, no stranger to outstanding strikes in this Premiership season, had one of his most important as a last-minute goal seized three points for Tottenham Hotspur and third place in the league standings at the end of today's bout at West Ham. His sheer nerve to attempt the shot is… » 2/25/13 4:58pm 2/25/13 4:58pm

ESPN Article Analogizes Soccer Team To A Teenage Virgin And A…

At first, there doesn't seem to be anything all that special about this article on ESPN's Soccernet. It's not much more than a standard game recap, until you get to this part: » 12/26/12 5:35pm 12/26/12 5:35pm

Spurs Suffered An Own Goal When Aaron Lennon Kicked The Ball Off Gareth…

Tottenham Hotspur holds a 2-1 advantage over Liverpool as of this writing, and Spurs players Aaron Lennon and Gareth Bale are responsible for all three goals; they each have one for their own team, and they contributed to put the ball in their own net in an ill-fated attempt to clear a Steven Gerrard header. Lennon… » 11/28/12 4:26pm 11/28/12 4:26pm

Reconstructing The Most Exciting Day In The History Of Soccer (And…

The final day of the 2011 MLB regular season enchanted us with its insanity; its events became a video game montage and inspired its own tag here on Deadspin. That day, however, only determined which teams would gain entry to the playoffs. By comparison, Sunday's final day of the English Premier League was Game… » 5/16/12 4:36pm 5/16/12 4:36pm

This Week In Guys Losing Their Lunch On The Soccer Pitch

It has been an unfortunate week for gentlemen suffering gastrointestinal distress on the soccer pitch, as at least two professional stars displayed their athletic acumen—and their lunch—before what we assume was a grossed-out television audience. » 5/03/12 5:00pm 5/03/12 5:00pm

Today In Free Kicks: Kyle Walker, Young-Pyo Lee Produced Two Of The…

The past 20 hours have been outstanding for fans of set pieces, as two beautiful free kick goals found the net and proved decisive in their respective games. Spurs back Kyle Walker secured victory for his squad in their match this morning against Blackburn with the above strike, a curving weasel of a kick that took… » 4/29/12 12:43pm 4/29/12 12:43pm