Adventure Competitor Gets Neck Caught In Live Wires

This happened July 27, but we're just seeing it now because Bob's Blitz just saw it now. It's from a Tough Mudder event in Buffalo, N.Y., and this particular obstacle—the last before the finish line—is known as electroshock therapy because those are live wires hanging above all that mud and all those bales of hay.… »8/05/13 3:18pm8/05/13 3:18pm


John Harbaugh Made A Shirtless Friend At An Adventure Race

This picture comes to us from reader Jared, who happened upon John Harbaugh and Ravens running backs coach Juan Castillo while running in the Tough Mudder Mid-Atlantic—an adventure race in which participants have to run through all manner of obstacles before participating in a vigorous round of high-fives. Harbaugh… »4/22/13 11:31am4/22/13 11:31am