Towson Cheerleaders Suspended For Tamest Hazing Ritual Ever

The Towson University cheerleading squad was suspended for the 2013-2014 season after a hazing incident, the details of which were previously unknown, was reported to school administrators last summer. The hazing got the team suspended for an entire year, so they must have gotten caught doing some pretty crazy shit,… »6/04/14 10:43am6/04/14 10:43am

Towson University Linebacker Accuses Coach Of Doctoring Practice Logs, Threatening To Fuck Up Jesus

Former Towson University linebacker Trevor Walker made campus conversation more interesting today when he and another unnamed former player published a column about head coach Rob Ambrose in The Towerlight, Towson's student newspaper. Walker's screed denounces Ambrose for resorting to blasphemy in order to amp up his… »10/23/12 11:50am10/23/12 11:50am

Stupidest Football Play In History Occurs As Player Returns Fumble 58 Yards In Wrong Direction Only To Have Opponents Tackle Him

This actually happened! Kent's Andre Parker recovered a blown punt return after the ball grazed a Towson player, only to return the recovered fumble toward his own goal. The only thing that stopped him from scoring a safety for Towson? Towson's punt return team, who foolishly tackled him before he could score them… »8/30/12 8:35pm8/30/12 8:35pm