Tracy Morgan's Emmys Speech Dusted Off One Of His Best, Bawdiest Jokes 

At the 2014 Emmys, Jimmy Kimmel promised us that Tracy Morgan would be back onstage next year, and last night, Morgan made good on that promise, presenting the final Emmy of the night. Of course, his touching speech focused on the June 2014 car accident that put him in an eight-day coma, and the 15 months of recovery… »9/21/15 10:17am9/21/15 10:17am


Knicks Fan Sitting Near Tracy Morgan Really Does Not Want Anyone To Know He Is Sitting Near Tracy Morgan

Okay, so this guy doesn't want to be on TV, even if anybody who knows him would immediately recognize his checked shirt and bald spot. But why so shy in the first place? Playing hooky from work? Cheating on his wife? Hideously and improbably deformed? (Why buy courtside seats, then?) Maybe he is, after all, simply… »1/11/12 9:19pm1/11/12 9:19pm