Royals Trade For Johnny Cueto, Gear Up For Postseason Run

The Royals have the second-best record in baseball, the fourth-best run differential, and lead their division by six-and-a-half games. Barring an incredible disaster, they’re going to the playoffs. But they still didn’t feel like the team was well-positioned, and on Sunday traded Brandon Finnegan, John Lamb, and Cody… »7/26/15 5:11pm7/26/15 5:11pm


Clippers Acquire Lance Stephenson For Matt Barnes And Spencer Hawes

As reported by everybody and confirmed by the Clippers, along with the Hornets they completed the rarest of things tonight: a consequential trade during the NBA Finals. Charlotte will send Lance Stephenson to Los Angeles, and will receive Spencer Hawes and Matt Barnes in return. This is interesting on a few different… »6/15/15 9:58pm6/15/15 9:58pm

Has Any Player Been Screwed On Deadline Day As Badly As Danny Granger?

When Danny Granger woke up yesterday, he played for the Pacers (41-13), one of the best teams in the NBA. By the end of the day, he played for the 76ers (15-40), one of the worst. That's a drop in winning percentage of nearly 50 points. Getting traded midseason is always, in the words of Marcin Gortat, "a pain in the… »2/21/14 2:48pm2/21/14 2:48pm