Syracuse Tries To Trademark "Orange;" Other Orange Schools Don't Like It

You can trademark anything these days. Pat Riley, of course, owns "three-peat." Michael Strahan has "Stomp You Out." Jared Allen registered "Got Strange?" But owning a swath of the color spectrum is mighty presumptuous. Since Syracuse dropped the "men" from "Orangemen," the school has been trying to do just that. Other schools… » 3/23/11 1:05pm 3/23/11 1:05pm

Bart Scott Now Owns The Rights To The Phrase "Can't Wait!"

Sal Paolantonio interviewed Bart Scott back in January, after the Jets defeated the Patriots, 28-21 in the AFC semifinals. As the ESPN YouTube video would have us believe, Scott "literally [flew] over" to Paolantonio, talked about nosebleeds and believing for a bit, and ended his shining moment with an exuberant "CAN'T… » 3/04/11 7:10pm 3/04/11 7:10pm