How the Hell Is This JPG of Han Solo Worth $225?

Would you spend almost $225 for a single digital image of Han Solo from the original Star Wars? For most people, the answer is obviously “No.” But many of us who are using the app Star Wars: Card Trader, from Topps, would kill to have that singular image in our collections. And some people will pay dearly for it.
»8/26/15 6:18pm8/26/15 6:18pm


Topps Sued For Firing Employee, Then Putting Him On A Trading Card

In the fall, Topps released a handful of very odd cards. Dubbed "American History Relics," they were five-card runs of John Henry, Pecos Bill, and Leif Ericson. Despite their rarity, the cards were a flop — one sold for $84 on eBay — perhaps because they were so strange. Card collectors like collector's items, but… »2/24/12 1:55pm2/24/12 1:55pm

Kevin Durant Is The New Redskins Quarterback...On A Trading Card

Kevin Durant's dominating performance at an intramural flag football game at Oklahoma State earlier this week has a lot of people asking "What if?" All of those people work for the Panini Group, the Italian collectibles giant that makes trading cards and bought Donruss two years ago. What if Durant actually played… »11/03/11 1:05pm11/03/11 1:05pm

Who Wants To Watch Bear Bryant's Hat Get Chopped Up Into Little Pieces?

Panini America, which bought up the Donruss Trading Card Company in 2009, has released a video that details the extensive process of creating 100 memorabilia cards for distribution. This particular batch featured a thumbnail-sized swatch of fabric from one of Bear Bryant's old houndstooth hats. The company… »2/09/11 3:55pm2/09/11 3:55pm